Short Fics


Miss Ingen



No Man’s Land (*lovey heart vomit*)

On a Night of Visiting Annoying Family Members, He Rode

The Strange Damned Jars

Here, But Not Really (*I’m fond of this one*)

Robot in the Box

A Story that Belongs No Place But Here (*Freshly Pressed stuff–yeah, I know hahaha*)

The Problem of Goths

Squiggly Lines




Milk and Blood

Last One Minute

Facts and Fiction

Angels’ Inn

The Arrow

Dummy Wish

Meet The Pig


Tales of the Wind’s Kiss


I. Devil’s Child

II. Music Box

III. The Thinker’s Monologue

IV. Shadow’s Face

V. Elegia

VI. Juan’s Dream

VII. Finale

This is the Brain Droppings Bin--use it.

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