(Seriously, you don’t need to read this. Get out of here right now! Bah whatever. -_- )

I learned one new fact of life today.

It seems that as you age you continuously experience new stages of self – discovery: what you think of yourself when you were 18, however certain you were about it at that point in your life, will almost never be the same when you turn 25.


Some people say they have been self – assured early in life, but I don’t believe it.

Because life changes you.

It is a factory where we are all products that need to be  upgraded and enhanced regularly. And those that cannot be changed turn out to be inappropriate and are sure to belong in the bin labeled:


You see, I plan to experience different things from what I have always been doing – it simply fails to give me a sense of happiness. I am not so proud as to want happiness per se (for does it even really exist?), I merely want a sense of it. There was just no passion in what I am used to doing.

And lack of passion (or excess of it!) could be deadly.

So yes, I guess this blog would serve as a [sort of] portfolio of the things I would love to AND would do, in the form of:

pictures-stories-social commentaries-rants-random idiocy…

…and it wouldn’t be in chronological order. So bored with chronological.

Who isn’t?

5 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. I really love this post and your whole Blog in general. It is fresh and full of interesting material! I love your thoughts on happiness and how we can control it. The need for it in our lives and how we should distance ourselves from that which affects it. Great!


    1. I admit, the artsy part in blog maintenance is a definite favorite of mine – I love changing themes every now and then, ha! But I still can’t blog with my normal pace with the Licensure exams only a month and a half away!


      That’s my nerves saying hi. 😉


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