Prodigal Blogger

I am sick of Facebook. But I cannot really deactivate despite wanting to for so long because that’s mainly how I get poop updates from my beloved. So I’ll keep it for now–but only for the messages! (And stalking capacities…) Short story shorter, this blog is probably gonna get more brain droppings from moi. Oh I love hiding from people. :3 Hello, HiNaD. I missed you. Continue reading Prodigal Blogger

Insecurity and Murder

No, I am not plotting someone’s murder. Well, not yet.  Today though one of my kin has been murdered. By nobody else but her own husband.  Once there was a woman who fell in love and married a man her family didn’t like. She came from a big family of nine children. Despite all the advices she received–solicited or not–she married the man. Fast forward: the man became addicted to drugs and eventually became a deposed soldier because of “behavioral problems”. Fast forward even more: the woman finished her Masters degree and got promoted as principal in the high school … Continue reading Insecurity and Murder

Gross Encounters (feat. Mr. Vagina Drawer)

I should’ve marked the day on my calendar when I stood up against Mr. Vagina Drawer. I think it was a Friday though. A Friday that made me breathe more freely. A Friday that made me so giddy and proud of myself I would have done the Facebook dance if only Timothy Boyle was with me. But he’s not because he was born American, and I’m not really complaining but rather going off-topic. *coughs* Anyway, it started with this guy. I think he is really sick. Psychologically. There’s just something wrong with him. And not just the way he looks. … Continue reading Gross Encounters (feat. Mr. Vagina Drawer)

PWW (Or–According to the BF–Pro Writer Woman)

To commemorate my first month in this new city with this new job and a new boyfriend sleeping pattern, I would like to brag about successfully fooling people into paying me for making a list and for making up stories. Oh yes, WordPress. I am a bona fide professional writer. *laughs maniacally* Anyway… Today, I am officially a published science fiction writer. Like, this is soooooo weird. *laughs again* I never really thought I could pull this off. I am no science woman. Sure, I like reading about science when I actually have the time during late nights but I … Continue reading PWW (Or–According to the BF–Pro Writer Woman)


So I’m in a new city with a new job that I have no experience of  doing at all before. I am actually excited. This is my first time totally going out of my comfort zone. My family’s a plane or boat ride away, and I have nobody here with me except for my increasing appetite. And a roommate who’s in the same situation. And my bee, of course. I don’t know what to expect tomorrow when I start work and it’s scary and exciting both at the same time. But they paid for my flight. And my hotel accommodation. … Continue reading Adult-ing