PWW (Or–According to the BF–Pro Writer Woman)

To commemorate my first month in this new city with this new job and a new boyfriend sleeping pattern, I would like to brag about successfully fooling people into paying me for making a list and for making up stories. Oh yes, WordPress. I am a bona fide professional writer. *laughs maniacally* Anyway… Today, I am officially a published science fiction writer. Like, this is soooooo weird. *laughs again* I never really thought I could pull this off. I am no science woman. Sure, I like reading about science when I actually have the time during late nights but I … Continue reading PWW (Or–According to the BF–Pro Writer Woman)


So I’m in a new city with a new job that I have no experience of  doing at all before. I am actually excited. This is my first time totally going out of my comfort zone. My family’s a plane or boat ride away, and I have nobody here with me except for my increasing appetite. And a roommate who’s in the same situation. And my bee, of course. I don’t know what to expect tomorrow when I start work and it’s scary and exciting both at the same time. But they paid for my flight. And my hotel accommodation. … Continue reading Adult-ing

An Educational Confession of an Annoyed Fatty

I was a fat kid. Fact. I am still a fat kid at heart. Double fact. You want to make me hate and never forget you? Simple: just make the meanest fat insult you could muster and shove it to my pudgy face (prior to my visuaIizing your slow and cruel death by cannibalism ). Oh boy, it never fails–even though I have more of a diamond face now. See, the corners finally show up after losing some of those blobs over the years. However, I really think they just transferred to my thighs. For many wasted minutes, hours, and even days … Continue reading An Educational Confession of an Annoyed Fatty

A Christmas Post

I have known Jesus for as long as I could remember. I’m not really sure what my first memory is anymore. (Do you know that your memories change every single time you try to remember them? Yeah. Science proved it. Nothing is ever reliable anymore. And yet we still bother. Go figure.) Anyway, I could say in confidence that during that time, I was already aware of Jesus and the concept of a god. Whenever I was in a tight spot then, or when I really wanted something, I always asked for his help. I was raised in a very … Continue reading A Christmas Post


She looked everywhere: at the train station, dumpster alleys, inside big black plastic bags and trash barrels, and piles of boxes which would soon serve as sleeping mats, but no, no kid was found. Being homeless means you have to do everything yourself; can’t trust the police to look for an eleven-month old baby of a nobody. So she looked, and looked, and didn’t sleep–until she found a tiny bluish foot jutting out from under a parked truck down the next block. Continue reading Misplaced