Who’s the author?

The Scream (Homer Version)

Just another one of the obviously ignorant young ‘uns out there who badly need guidance. Needing to let out the things that miserably flood that humongous head, she decided to start this blog.

Hi! My name is Jenny Duptsi. My family calls me Nyce. They are the stupid-est bunch of people on Earth.

I sometimes wonder why I turn out this way, but one look at them and I know – I was destined for eternal idiocy greatness.


Old enough to love Michael Jackson’s music and young enough to believe that HAPPINESS DOES EXIST.


I made a pact with the devil myself to remain human until I die. That means I have to aim having as much money and not to be able to use it because I’m busy finding out more ways to accumulate it continue doing things that make me smile at the end of a busy day, and never be a member of the cyborg community.


CONTACT ME: happinessisnotadisease@gmail.com   (So not Highly recommended!)

Happiness Patient J.D. Unresponsive to ECT, Depressant Serum
The Scream - HiNaD version
Evil Spongebob and Pygmy Grim Reaper seriously freaks me out. 😦

68 thoughts on “Who’s the author?

  1. I love your about page! very original and funny. I appreciate a good sense of humor, I really do. Thanks for the nice compliments, I’ll be back for more. Looking forward to seeing you around.


  2. Hey thanks for deciding to follow my blog…you might want to consider a few suggestions other first time readers have found helpful…1) Prepare an alcoholic beverage (or if that isn’t your choice, at least a tall glass of ice cold sweet tea); 2) find a supremely comfy spot to recline in; 3) put your feet up; 4) begin reading; 5) scratch the occasional itch. These simple but effective steps will heighten your reading enjoyment…and most important of all…have fun.

    Be encouraged!


    1. LOL! They are wonderful comments to say the least, stephen (well, except the first one because I’ll turn into a measles-girl at the taste of anything alcoholic, but I guess ice cold non-sweet tea will do :p )
      And yes, I am very open to encouragement! Haha 😀 Have a great weekend!


  3. This seems like a pretty awesome blog. 😀 Funny and groovy. I’ll have to read more of it, and please keep up with the wonderful blogging!


    1. Gee, thanks! I will, but only if you do! I want to read every book/comics/graphic novel you’ve placed on your site but I don’t know how I will make the time. But I’m just so pleased to see another Sandman lover here, I mean, I only knew one other person who does, and she’s the one who made me read it in the first place. 😀


  4. JEN !!! I absolutely love the new layout, really captures the atmosphere that is the mind of ranting jen lol. It pretty freaking awesome. So what did you think of the video, you havent told me!!


  5. Hey Jenny! Thanks for showing my blog so much love 🙂 Yours is fantastic, you had me laughing from the get go! Definitely going to follow you. 🙂



  6. Random but I like that your recent posts are called “recent crimes.” On Facebook I have most of my random pictures in a category entitled “evidence of my crimes.” This might be a reach here, but I think you’re copying me.


    1. Wha–okay, okay! I admit I worship you so much I can’t help but stalk even your facebook page but you have no right, I repeat, no right at all to accuse me of being a copycat since all I could see in your photos is the Status Cloud and Susan Boyle’s adorably sweet face. See, I have a very strong alibi. See you in the courts.


      1. You have probably infiltrated people I know in real life. Perhaps you killed that one dead Facebook friend I have. You tortured him for information. It was 3 years ago, but you’ve been masterminding this for a while now.

        Or we only had one word in common which I thought was pretty neat anyway.


      2. I won’t admit to such heinous crimes. Murder is boring. I think if ever there’s one I would commit, it’d be arranging for your date with Mila and Malin. That would be more fun. I could probably end up with no less than 3 lawsuits but then again, court hearings are the prime of entertainment.

        And oh yes, crime’s rather a neat word to share. Better than syphilis any day.


  7. Hi, Jenny Duptsi “Nyce”, Nice blog, It is a smart way to skip the age question,
    between Michael Jackson and Happiness, I’m sure you are younger than me,
    because I’m between the Titanic and the iPhone. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by 😉


  8. Very cool blog with some coolest pics. Yes happiness does exist, it is just that we don’t find it easily coz we search in materialistic things. Just an hour ago, I bought a bunch full of ice-creams for all the 8 family members at my home including 3 kids. Need I say that it gave me a mouth full of happiness? It is there around us, we just need to look for it in the right things.


  9. Hi Jenny, I just came over by way of Emily over at The Waiting. It’s nice to meet you. Happiness should be available for all, no? Don’t give in to the cyborgs, whatever you do. I will be back!


  10. Is happiness contagious? Can I get some from you if I hang out with you long enough?
    Thanks for passing on this disorder!
    michael j contos,
    aka Contoveros
    Conshohocken, PA USA


  11. You have such a great sense of humor. I very much enjoyed reading your blog. 🙂

    Hi! My name is Charlie Zero. It’s such a pleasure to make your acquaintance. 🙂

    I’m a poet. and I hope you check out my poems in the days to come. They will trip you out, be funny, brain twister, etc…:)


  12. Thank you so much for all the “likes.” So glad you’re enjoying “The Poet and the Flea” thus far. You have a wonderful writing style and I look forward to further exploring your blog! 🙂 Best regards, G. E.


    1. Feeding my Friends: good. Eating my Friends: bad. I listened to this super bizarre NPR story today about “uber-foodies” who want to attempt auto-cannibalism… like, have their appendix removed, and then take it home and sautee it. It was the most disturbing thing I’ve heard in a loooong time. And now I feel bad for inflicting it on you. Can we still get along, pretty please?


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