The Therapeutic Wonder of Shouting at a Sporting Match

Last Saturday I had a therapeutic session. The only thing I had to do was shout my heart out.

No, it wasn’t a doctor’s appointment. Nor was I recklessly drunk (I’m too boring for that). The session happened on the second hockey game I’ve ever been ro. The difference from this one to the first was that this time, the home team actually got to score.

See, I’m no hockey fan. Hell, I cannot even name one rule other than shooting the puck to the opponent’s net and having “too many men” in the ice, which causes a penalty to the team. The only teams I could name are the ones who played on the two matches I’ve ever been to. So being no fan of any team, I just cheered for whichever team represented the city I’m watching the game in (first was the Devils, second was the Islanders).

I did this because I’m a big fan of cheering, and I don’t want to cheer for the visiting team because the “true” fans of the home team might beat the crap out of me (I like playing it safe, sorry). The first game I’ve been to, the Devils didn’t even manage to score a single goal, and I wasn’t able to experience the big deafening WOOHOO I looked forward for (I still chanted minor cheers and chants but no outstanding scream of victory).

The second game was different. The Islanders got as good a score as you can get during the first period. One of their players was directly in front of the opponent’s net–it wasn’t even at a close distance, almost halfway of the whole ice rink–he found a weak spot and just went for it.

The puck flashed so fast I swear it wasn’t a whole second.

The next second though, every single audience in my section, young and old alike, burst out of their seats and screamed their hearts out.

fans cheering
The real kids are on the right.

Boy, it was awesome.

I’m not a bona fide sports fan and I doubt I ever will be. But I think I will always be a big fan of cheering. I don’t know why. Maybe I just like supporting. Maybe I just like having an opportunity to shout without getting into a conflict/intoxicating myself. Maybe because it’s fun.

Whatever it is, I’m sure it won’t be the last time I’ll cheer my heart out. Baseball season is approaching, and I happen to live with one of the biggest baseball fans that currently exist (Hi, Timmy bom bom!).

So yes, if you ever feel the need to scream your heart out just attend any sporting match.

Or heck just do it. Right now. In your dining room while somebody’s giving grace. In the library during finals week. In your bedroom while your spouse just fell asleep after coming home from a night shift…




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