How to Cook Fried Chicken Like an Amateur (13 EASY Steps)

Last Saturday, Timmy and I decided we’d cook one extra day for our traditional Weekend Cooking (usually it’s only during Sundays). This means we actually get to use the stove and pans instead of our usual method of using the magic box a.k.a “microwave”.  It’s been going pretty well for weeks now.  With well I mean the foods we cooked were pretty much edible–at least most of it.

The exception applied especially last Saturday…

Without further excuses, the steps for cooking fried chicken like a dumb amateur are as follows:

Step 1:

Convince yourself that you are actually capable of cooking.

Step 2:

Consult your trusty friend, Google/YouTube, regarding the procedure. If it’s too complicated, skip it. That’s not the way how amateurs operate, gurrl!

Step 3:

Once you’ve watched a dozen videos and decided which ingredients to use, grab some snack. You’d need the calories for your body and your brain…

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