Tita and a Fat Creature


I miss my fat nephews so bad. Especially Apollo. We were play and tickle buddies. Now we only do that in Skype, but it’s not as fun. Because I never get to squish his plump body or hear him laugh hysterically because his tita (aunt) is tickling him to his heart’s content.

I hope he doesn’t forget me. I doubt it since we Skype often with my family, but he may not be as fond of me anymore (or so I would like to believe he had been, ha!). That would be a shame. I still would have to make up for tons of time of missed tickling when I go back to the Philippines!



2 thoughts on “Tita and a Fat Creature

    1. Um…I have no excuse other than I moved to another country and it got me busy with “adult” things. Although that shouldn’t be an excuse! Hullo, my friend! šŸ˜€


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