Ugly & Married: What More Could We Ask For?

Yes. Four days ago we ignored all the warnings and wisdom of this modern, existentialist, Trump-supporting society and did what only the conformist losers and ugly people do: we got married.

And it was by far the happiest day of our lives.

img_20161202_102629895 This is what happiness looks like for ugly losers.

When Timmy and I started talking over four years ago, we never in our wildest dreams thought we’d end up saying inappropriate marriage vows to each other. Or to even end up saying any kind of vows to anybody at all at that point (at least I didn’t). We were just WordPress bloggers seeking for validation through every views, likes, and comments we get–checking our Blog Stats every few minutes or so. Back then, our greatest goal was to be Freshly Pressed and get superficial comments from everyone in the Blogosphere who pretended to read the full length of our…

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