I Hate Being in America Right Now

Because obviously, “President” Trump.

I am not an American citizen, so I had no power whatsoever in helping to influence the outcome of the US elections. Still, I feel like throwing a fit and acting “immature” because I did not get the result I wanted–NOT Trump.

I feel upset. Hopeless. Anxious. At a loss as to how thinking people could actually elect such a racist, misogynistic, equality-hating human being to lead them. It makes me think that the world is going backwards instead of forward. That I am actually living with people who are still afraid and hateful of people who are NOT THEM.

We became too confident, I think. Lazy in protecting what we thought was already within our reach. Perhaps this is a wake-up call to start actively pursuing a better world again. To not let bigotry and hatred run over the nation, the world. To let our voices be heard equally, no matter how much some people are willing to silence it because it is different from theirs.

This is just another hurdle. Let us not be cowered. Instead, let’s raise our voices louder.

7 thoughts on “I Hate Being in America Right Now

    1. I know what you mean. I’ve been feeling the same way, too. But we are many. And seeing people resist this “president” and his actions to spread hate gives me strength. Stay strong! 🙂


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