Diet Fail. AGAIN.

I want to lose weight. Even just the weight I put on for the past year is fine, I’m not greedy. Especially because wedding is approaching and I wanna look my best-est self by then (since pictures and the image you project to people are what matter most in a wedding ceremony). I don’t wanna look like a round thing wrapped in a white sheet. Like a cotton ball.

So I told myself every day for the past month and a half to eat healthy and less. I failed miserably, of course.

My latest failure started this morning. I thought I was going to have a good diet day since I started it with a small, healthy breakfast by 6:30 a.m. Oh how wrong I was. By 9 a.m. temptation arrived full blast. Peanut butter, white bread, and a big bag of cheesy spicy tacos were all staring at me from the table of my coworker. They were luring me in. It was 3:1 ratio fight! Not fair at all! How do you expect me to resist???

How could I say no? 😦

I guess I have to start again tomorrow. OR maybe somebody just has to accept he will never have skinny bride. It is a heinous crime to waste peanut butter after all.




One thought on “Diet Fail. AGAIN.

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