What it’s REALLY Like Dating a White Man (No, it’s NOT like Winning the Lottery)

Because donuts is to Timmy what honey is to bees.


At least, not in the way you’re thinking.

Before we were even officially in a relationship, I knew dating Timmy, a white American, would be quite a shock to the people around me. Philippines is not as diverse as the United States, and interracial relationships–something that Timmy wrote about here–are not something you see everyday. Plus, white people definitely stand out among Filipinos, who are mostly brown-skinned. And Timmy is as white as a healthy white person could be.

Timmy white Of course, his dazzling whiteness here has something to do with the lighting. But I like exaggerating things for impact :3

For most people here though, dating a white man means a ticket to financial prosperity. I could tell you more where I think this mentality came from–that all white men are rich–but I wanna do that on a more elaborate post. This thinking is all hilarious, stupid, and…

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