PWW (Or–According to the BF–Pro Writer Woman)

To commemorate my first month in this new city with this new job and a new boyfriend sleeping pattern, I would like to brag about successfully fooling people into paying me for making a list and for making up stories.

Oh yes, WordPress. I am a bona fide professional writer.

*laughs maniacally*


Today, I am officially a published science fiction writer. Like, this is soooooo weird. *laughs again* I never really thought I could pull this off. I am no science woman. Sure, I like reading about science when I actually have the time during late nights but I am no Asimov or Clarke or Bradbury. I am just a Duptsi. I like reading about science fiction though. Not to sound elitist, but I think the really good ones in the genre are high-end brain food. Stuff that make you question the future–heck, the universe. I read science fiction stories and can’t help but feel this sense of wonder and dread and excitement for the possibilities that await us.

Blah, blah–in short, I dig SF. I am not a science fiction writer though. I am too dumb for that.

But yes, I tried creating my own stuff. And like almost everything in my life, it started pretty awful (Ugh, all those rejections. *smirks* But that’s for another day…).

What matters now is that today, somebody thought it wasn’t so bad after all.

You could read the story here:

Now about that list: did you know that you could actually make money writing lists? Listverse is the most popular out there right now, I think. They pay you $100 for every list they accept. I have tried submitting to them something I wrote about science but the editor or first reader–whoever read it–rejected it saying it’s not interesting enough. Oh well. To each his own.

But should you really stop after one failed submission? Nope. DO NOT EVER FUCKING STOP as long as you still have somewhere you could place it your stuff on. Stubbornness pays off some days if you do it right.

So yes, that list is now up on this site right here:

I am sooooooooooo professional.

*laughs maniacally. again*

Really, I’m just so happy to finally have my very first story published. That is soooooo awesome. Like, you know, I really might have a shot in this writing thing after all.

Not that I have any intention of stopping though. Stubbornness pays if you do it right, remember?

(And well, the boyfriend would break up with me if I stop writing. I still need him right now so that’s not really an option. He buys me books and lets me eat pizza, and pizza matters, so…)



6 thoughts on “PWW (Or–According to the BF–Pro Writer Woman)

  1. Jenny, what FABULOUS news! Pretty soon we’ll be saying, “Once I read Dupsie’s stories, I realized what hacks Asimov, Clarke and Bradbury were.” ;D Glad to hear your new life is unfolding adventurously. I’m just finishing a life coaching training and adventuring in my own life as well! Be well, dear friend! xoxoM


    1. Oh I doubt I’d ever even reach near a quarter of what any of those blokes did, but then…I could write a story where I did at least. :3

      You’ve always been real supportive of me, M. Gosh you even bought me Kit Kats. I know how to repay you tho…*grins* But what adventure is it you’re talking about? Do share!

      Liked by 1 person

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