Bookwriting Break No. 1: Rain and Love

I love the sound of rain when it’s gentle and barely there. It is calming and makes me think of cold water quenching my thirst. But like everything, I know rain has many faces. One day it could nurture you, the next it could destroy. Everything in life is a game of balance, it seems. Even love.

Most of all love.

I am full of love. And I want to share it with as much as I could. But people are fragile, and I am afraid. Afraid to be hurt because people rarely know how to handle love. How to receive, but more so how to give. Some people even reject your love, and that is okay. Love is beautiful, but not all pretty things are welcomed. Thus love hurts, but it doesn’t mean it will stay that way. The world is full of people to love, people to love back.

And in case you really can’t find any, there’s always Kit Kats.


2 thoughts on “Bookwriting Break No. 1: Rain and Love

  1. I really like your writings!

    While I’m still learning the ropes and striving to grow and improve my site, I am honestly appreciative of your post, because you’re such a motivation to me and you help me enlighten.

    So I thought I can do something in return, therefore I nominated you for ‘Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award’.

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