27 Things I Love About the Licker

1. You’ve seen my blubbery tummy and didn’t laugh…too much.

2. You will NEVER make me regret spending money to treat you to an All-You-Can-Eat buffet. :3

3. You let me eat a whole box of 12″ (or was it 16″?) pizza on your birthday and didn’t shame me about it…too much.
4. You never called me stupid even when you’ve seen my social media accounts from back when I was fifteen years old.
5. You can make a dog sit/stay and not disturb me while I steal from their owners.
6. You love those furry beasts and they love you back and together we could build an army.
7. You started an organization for fat boys when you were a teen and it turned out to be really…funny (I think it was successful too though–it was, wasn’t it?).

8. When you smile, I smile.

9. You are a sports master. Really, you could win us gazillion points on Trivia Night!
10. You do these comforting stuff when I am sick, when you really should have told me to stop faking it.
11. Your tongue.

12. You’ve watched more cartoons than I ever had. That is a good sign of maturity.

13. You give really good movie recommendations. Oh how I enjoyed Cannibal Holocausts…
14. You don’t put too much effort into looking good…
15. …yet you’re still far from being the ugliest person ever.

16. You are so passionate about things you love.

donut lover

17. You have never refused me Spiro. Not once.
18. You are not as gross as the average Facebook user.
19. Cloud Atlas and The Boner Coc–I mean The Bone Clocks.
20. You watch the movies I recommend to you whenever you can. And you better, cos I have good movie tastes. Remember Labyrinth?
21. You could destroy me. But you won’t……RIGHT?

22. You are so good at making yourself appear good even though when you’re not quite being good. Which of course makes you a great crime partner. Now, how about that bank?

23. You really are a good person though. BAB. Baby Angel Bitch…I mean Boyle.
24. You never cease to remind me I’m beautiful everyday, even when you see my snot. Which, of course, makes you a liar.
25. You never force or even suggest I should be like somebody else. Even though you told me I’m dead to you once. But that’s a different thing…right?
26. You always show extra effort to make me feel like I’m the most special person in this whole crazy Earth. Again, such a good freaking liar, you are.

27. You are just simply fucking adorable.

Or adorable in fucking. Whatever, Whatever. :3

Happy Birthday, Timmy! Lots of 11.

Timmy Simba
Well you’re a baby devil. So you know…

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