“I killed the kid, of course.”

It was getting late and we’re the only ones left in the office. With the dim lighting, silence, and lack of emotion from his face, well, it was very believable.

“Damn you man,” I said, letting out an awkward laugh. “You almost got me.”

“But it’s true. You would do the same if you were in my place.”

“You want me to believe that the kids in the daycare next door are merciless, blood-thirsty killing machines who kill people everyday for their homework. And that one almost killed you but then you got to him first? Right. Yeah. And I eat babies’ fingers for my afternoon snacks.”

“It is true though,” he said, still with the same poker face.  “And I do not regret killing that motherfucking monster. He had every intention of chopping off my cock in that washroom. I’m telling you, man, those kids are murderous little shits. Yes, including my nephew. He was there looking when his classmate was doing his homework of murdering me. He would’ve finished the job if he could. Hell, I’m not going near that kid ever again. Not until he was exorcised of whatever they did to him in that school. Not that my brother would allow me to see the boy anyway. Not after I almost drowned him in the tub.”

“You seriously have to cut on the dope man. Or whatever it is you’re hitting right now,” I said, smirking. “Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow. I’m pretty spent up”

“I’m telling you the truth, Jay. I swear.”

“Yeah. Good night, man.”

I left the building and started to walk home. I automatically turned right, up the road that would pass the daycare since it’s the shortest walk and the same route I use every night. Hearing Fred’s story though made me stop in my tracks.

I laughed. “Geez, that idiot would be so smug.”

So I continued to walk on because I couldn’t let Fred pull one of his pranks again. I let him get on my nerves before. That made me the butt of office jokes for a year and two months.

Well not again.

I started whistling a tune just in case Fred was following me taking a video. Hell, I’m not letting that dumb jock get the satisfaction he wants. The daycare building is so dark at this hour of the night, but most buildings are anyway. The playground seems so still, unlike the sight I see every morning. There isn’t a single kid in sight. In spite of myself, I let out a sigh of relief.


“What the f–where the fuck  did you come from, kid?”

“You work with my uncle, don’t you?”

Fred. It was Fred’s nephew.

I ran, of course.

KIndergarten by Vladimir Kochetkov

Kindergarten by Vladimir Kochetkov



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