The Biggest Joke of All

All people are hypocrites. So it really strikes me as funny, if not downright idiotic, how one person could call another person a hypocrite in such a self-righteous manner–as if one isn’t capable of such two-facedness.

The most rampant example I see of this is between a bully and his supposed to be victim. The bully goes on doing his thing–manipulation, bribery, blackmail, hiring goonies or whatgives–to get what he wants from his victims And it goes on unless the victim stands up and fight for himself.

Or he could always be a victim for life.

Supposed he takes the other direction though and actually stand up for himself. The underdog fighting back. Stuff of great drama–especially if the bully is somewhat a big name in the circle both parties are involved in. More often than not, the underdog will gain a following since everybody just loves to root for the underdog, don’t we? This is based on the inferiority complex each of us keep like an extra body part. We all relate to the underdog because we think the world has been unfair to us in one way or another.

What happens is that these supporters of the underdog will keep growing until they actually seem strong enough to tackle the bully, pin him down to the floor and break his knee joints so that he could never stand up again.

Yes, that’s how it usually goes. It’s like the world is turned upside down and now the bully is the one who is victimized.

I’m all out for calling out bullies for whatever bullshit it is they do. But then there is a very thin line that separates being the victim and being the bully.

A. Very. Thin. Line.

That thin line actually goes with everything. News Flash: this isn’t a world of black and white. This is a world of vast complexities where we all still use labels even if we know they’re just plain absurd. A world where you can’t tell when you stopped being a friend and start being a lover, from joking to being mean, from putting things right to downright being cruel, from being cute to being annoying, from being a hypocrite police to being the hypocrite yourself.

Yes, I do think everything is a fucking joke.

It doesn’t mean people stop being hurt though.

We’re all really made of mushy stuff underneath our tough exteriors. We’re all still kids no matter if you’re four or you’re forty. We’re all still kids who just wanted to be acknowledged and praised and liked and loved.

But we are all still kids…who are selfish and only think of our own needs first and foremost. We are all still kids who don’t understand that other people want the same stuff as we do and maybe, just maybe, we could all get what we want if we also know how to give.

But we are all still kids and our needs ALWAYS have to come first. Fuck compromise. Fuck give and take. I am right. And I should get what I want.

Ah, people. Everything is a fucking joke between us. Screwed up and needy and selfish and sleazeballs and yet still so deserving of love.

A fucking joke, that’s what we are.


6 thoughts on “The Biggest Joke of All

  1. I don’t know that I entirely agree. The biggest joke of all is the one where we put our heads down in silence and allow wrong to breed, and then complain about it when that wrong comes for us.


    1. You know, I’m with you with standing up for what you think is right. I’m not one who just take a passive action with anything I believe in, rather like a raging bull despite the fight being a losing one. That’s rare for me though. Because sometimes I’m not sure I know what’s wrong and what’s right. No, make it most times. Aren’t most things a crazy mix of wrongs and rights?


      1. They are. We all make a call as to when we feel we have to stand up for something; everyone will make a different call. Everyone will perceive right and wrong in their way. All I know is that I know what I feel, and how strongly I might feel it.


      2. If there’s anything we’re sure of it’s our own feelings. So wouldn’t it be a perfect world if everyone just respect each other’s feelings? But then again we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in a world where more often than not, people try to convince each other that their own feelings are the right ones. Which results to more trouble than we would have wanted.

        Maybe people are just bound to hurt others, and feel hurt themselves, and that’s just part of life.

        I think that’s why I built up a rather trustworthy defense over the years, a defense of not caring too much. Or maybe you call it feeling with your brain and not your heart.

        And I know I won’t ever understand people, and yet I still try to. Just your average idiot, ha.

        You’re rude for making me think. *brain overload*


  2. A couple thangs:

    1) These posts make me think you work something like retail?

    2) Last post, now why you be drawing yourself with the peniz?

    3) People are terrible. Fight for them anyways. Or at least the better ones to come out of it many years down the road. Those are easier to work for.


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