Wishing You…

A jolly good meal


A warm cozy cuddle session


A brand new car


Divorce papers finally finalized


Maybe a marriage proposal?


The absence of frogs in your room.

(Yeah, that’d be perfect…)



Or maybe all of these things.



I wish no one will be mean to you today.


I wish you even just a little bitty love.

Silly Christmas Face

I also hope you don’t die yet, bwahaha!

Merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas, Jenny! (Though, I seem to have lost all my frogs. Have you seen them?) ^_^


    • GAAAH–I’ve seen one in my room today! GAAAH! It’s a little one that’s like an Olympic jumper too. Ugh really yuck. What are you thinking keeping frogs? You’re weird.

      Merry Christmas, Chris!😉


  2. Merry Christmas to you. What a disturbing image to wake up to! But the wishes made me laugh. Hope everyone out there is recovering from the storm. I still think about you guys and what you’re going through. Make a wish for the new year. It might come true!


  3. And happy wishes in return, my friend. Be well, be good, be safe. But don’t be too good. That will simply not do.


  4. What’s wrong with frogs? And what’s wrong with WordPress? The Like button seems to be disabled. And what’s wrong with you?


      • Now you’re going to get an email saying not to share private emails with others.


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