There is nothing on the other side but white noise–oh you know, that kind that you hear on the local Christian radio back in the old days at midnight onwards, the one that mocks, as if it knows something important that you don’t. And maybe it does, but it has no intention of ever, not ever, revealing it to you.

“I told you no one would pick up. Never did for me, never did for anyone, that Jesus man. Welcome to hell.”


*image NOT mine*

9 thoughts on “Static

  1. I agree with ^^^^, as that was personally damn spooky to read. If I could interject some lightness though, at least some percent of that static is the afterglow of whatever created the universe and the remaining majority is primarily the intermingling of human creativity.

    We make our own answers dammit.


    1. I’m sorry for pouring out so much darkness. No, I’m not, ha! Sometimes things just come out of the blue, you know. Subconscious diarrhea they’re called. This was one of them turds.

      Intermingling of human creativity. I like that (although sadly it doesn’t always come up with “good” outputs bwaha) 😉


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