Ming I

Ming I

After six years (more or less), sketch pad and fingers meet again.  The lack of practice and skill definitely shows.  But I like it, and she’ll stay here.  Now good night. 😉


15 thoughts on “Ming I

  1. This reminds me so much of one of the movies I suggested it’s ridiculous (The Fountain). Also, I thought of another one (I’m listening to the soundtrack now): Road to Perdition. There. No more. Done.


    1. You’re crazy. I just saw your list by the way–thanks a lot! That’s definitely going to take up a large chunk of my weekend (only Road to Perdition is familiar, one I have seen ages ago that I cannot remember a single detail except the “light in the dark/end of the tunnel” in the VHS/CD cover haha, so it’s a very exciting list). I’ll return the favor soon but I don’t think there’s much out there that you haven’t seen yet and I have (i.e. about our common denominator which I have no name yet…meta stuff? Lol)


      1. Oh you’ll see. You practically drew the main actor’s face (in the future setting), as well as two main themes (death, and the heart) and a major motif (a ring, especially a kind of cosmic-y looking one). You’ll see bwahah.

        If you had good suggestions I haven’t seen, I’d be glad. I hunger this stuff (meaningful? meta doesn’t include enough of social context) like crazy.


      2. HAHAHAHAHA, that is trippy! Oh man. First, I already saw that movie maybe four or five years ago but I’ve gotta watch it again since I’m sure I just skim watched it that time–apparently, there’s much that I missed. Second, oh LOL you’re so right on all points hahaha I must have been drawing from subconscious! This is crazy hahaha. Crazy crazy hahahaha *pinches self to stop laughing*

        Let’s settle on Meaningful Meta then (M & M). That sounds delicious.


      3. It’s definitely trippy.

        Since you’ve technically seen it already though I get to recommend another. Anonymous. I cant really explain why its so amazing, but its perhaps one of the most under appreciated fantastics of the last few years


    1. Oh shush, you make me blush. Thank you. I like having these abilities, really I do. It’s humbling. But sometimes I wish that I’m super good at one thing only than to be able to do a lot of things and not know where to focus your time and energies at. For now, I’ve decided to hone my writing really. Hope the plan works.


    1. Thank you, your awesomeness. Yep, you told me you’re incapable of anything in your life other than being bitter and sending obnoxious tweets to people you idolize. And you can call me drawer, I won’t mind. You called me a hole once (?) so drawer is really an improvement.


  2. I like it (although it’s disturbing). I have very little artistic talent (I hesitate to say “no artistic talent,” but that might be closer to the truth), so I’m envious of people who have those skills. A six-year layoff? Wow.


    1. Smak, you’re back! You hibernating caveman you. You have a talent alright, you make lampooning headlines an art, that’s one. Yes, it’s been six years since I’ve been more interested with writing lately. And for four years college happened blah blah I know excuses, off to your page now!


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