No Man’s Land

For the first time ever, on the night the leaf tried its best to hold on to the arms of the silver tree, and as the last coils of the fog begun to dissipate, they looked at each other.  Without the walls that kept them distance, they finally had a chance.

So they took it.

Each began to walk towards the other, just as the leaf mustered enough courage and danced its way to the ground to join the fallen ones.

She smiled.  He took her hand.

On that night, nothing else mattered.  The wind danced along with their laughter; carrying notes from the music one bestowed to the other, and inviting everything it meets–from the blades of grass to a child’s eyelids–to dance along with love’s rhythm.

It must be said that that moment was very special, for it holds the power of something so rare. Something that was both first and last.

But they do not know it.  For in that place and time they were in no man’s land, and the only thing that mattered is them–their hearts, and the music they create together.

It was a beautiful night.

The Last Dance by Michael MaierThe Last Dance by Michael Maier


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