Disney and the Dark Stuff


I solemnly think that I will forever be a Disney Animated Movies fan.  For all Disney’s faults (Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, “racism”, “misogyny”, Justin Bieber, etc.) I think children from around the world will still benefit from their overt messages (because many will argue Disney shows have  covert messages, ha) which are more or less positive values.

In my humble opinion, which I will stick to as gum sticks to hair, it’s only the adults who overanalyze the meanings/messages of Disney animated films.  Kids don’t see the misogyny or whatever issue you may have with a Disney movie.  A kid just enjoys the story and lets himself/herself ride along with the characters’ journey.  Without the fault-finding, kids get the full benefit of a Disney animated movie and appreciates it more.

Perhaps this is an opinion only I hold true.  But whatever.  I watched and still watch Disney movies not as a smart, thinking adult but as a giddy kid and if I can, I watch these movies with other giddy kids (literally and otherwise).  And who’s not happy during the movie experience? Definitely NOT us.

I believe kids, especially the very young ones, do not need to to take sides in issues you deem important.  What they need is to enjoy as long as they can, believe that magic in some form is possible, and to be told that it’s damn right okay to dream B-I-G–something that Disney has done for ages.

I wouldn’t take that from any kid.

Now stone me to e-death, you Disney-Hating Boring Bitter Sad Adults!!!

Disney Movie NIght


No, I am not referring to the nature of your soul.

I am referring to the possibility of an über-cool invisible universe/world, this kind of Dark Matter:   The Possible Parallel Universe of Dark Matter

It is sad that scientists still don’t consider the Dark Matter universe/world seriously for lack of hard evidence.  D’oh, you know how scientists are.  Me though, I would say it is perfectly possible and almost definitely true.  I know things that way.  Where else would ghosts go?  Exactly, in the invisible universe.  And scientists are so quick to dismiss it.

Look at this:

4.9 %

-percentage of matter (atoms, molecules, babies, planets, iPads, hair, etc.)  in the universe that we can see, or what they call baryonic matter.

26.8 %

-percentage of the superultramegafragilistic invisible matter, the dark matter.

63.8 %

-percentage of the formless, substanceless energy.  Let’s just call it Nothing Matter.

Now tell me if that is easy to believe/accept/swallow or if you think these brainiacs are fucking with us.

It’s as if they’re actually saying that no, it’s highly impossible to have life forms or any diversity exist in the dark matter because our instruments/technology cannot detect these “evidences”; like a blind person saying, “No, the leaves are not green because I can’t see them, you idiot!”

It would be heartbreaking for the dark matter if they are right, because it would just be another Appendix of the Universe.

Appendix Dark Matter Universe


…sucks hairy oxen balls!!!

The Ten Billion-Peso Pork Barrel Scam is so depressing-infuriating to all of us honest and not-so-honest Filipinos.

I see kids working their skinny limbs in the streets full of wreckless and not-so-wreckless-drivers-but-still just to get measly coins to buy food or whatever it is they need in order to survive.  Yes, survive not live.

I see people die in poor, government hospitals that lack all resources (facilities, manpower, etc.)

I see my family barely making ends meet many fucking days a year.

I see people suffering from poverty–third world edition–every single fucking day only to hear how some spoiled daughter spent the  alleged government’s funds on a school project (a.k.a a posh birthday party/fashion show in Beverly Fucking Hills) and a worldwide shopping spree, and bragging on her Instagram account how she bought all the items at a boutique among other displays of her/their wealth (Porsches, P1 million watches, etc.).

And the mother/brains of the scam? Well, she actually has the gall to say,

“We’re only middle class.”



14 thoughts on “Disney and the Dark Stuff

  1. Actually the idea that dark matter comes from a closely paralell universe interacting with ours has been scientifically entertained. Im pretty sure the consensus was that it wasn’t such a great idea, but astro and quantum gets very disneyish very fast. After all, only an astrophysicists could potentially offer their daughter princess a diamond-freaking-planetoid hah

    Btw, “Disney Infinity,” you might be interested in that


    1. That bit about the Dark Matter was meant to be tongue-in-cheek (or if I could be more accurate, fist in mouth haha). Really, are those people (scientists) freaking sure of anything at all about the universe? If they are, I’m angry they don’t do a better job of sharing some truths. Or it could have been my fault for not looking too often/too well.

      I’d like to give my future daughter an astrophysicist father. Do you know where they hang out? And yes, Disney Infinity would fulfill the giddy in me no doubt haha, thanks!


      1. You could try and woo Sean Carroll hah? I normally find him sensible in his insensibilities at least. Since you’ve got the artist in you though, Neil Degrasse Tyson is more likely you.

        I think they’re pretty sure about a couple of things if even paradoxical (dark matter DOES exist, the universe is oddly speeding up but at one point was tiny(er), the CMB is there and needs explaining, quantum mechanics fucks up everything we know, the Higgs was found). It’s the inferences drawn from those that make the knowledge inaccessible since they all disagree so much.


      2. I have this unshakable feeling that you are pimping me to married men, my friend. How dare you.

        I think what we can infer from that last paragraph of yours is that the universe manager/s is/are messing with our mere mortal minds, yeah? And they’re enjoying it, too. I can’t erase their leprechaun-esque image in my mind now. I’ll check those links. The youtube one looks especially interesting. ^_^


      3. More so I was trying to make sure you’ve seen that DeGrasse Tyson video in case you haven’t. Important stuff.

        And perhaps on the universe. I often wonder if it is inherently (if not intentionally) perfectly “uncertain.” But then that would betray my next sentence that we do “know” some stuff, so I must simply retreat!


      4. *giggles* Don’t blow your mind away, you. Breathe in. Breathe out. I feel you with that statement and it could only go in a spiral downturn. So chill, you’re not alone haha.

        And oh boy, that video! Thank you so so much. Man, I needed some inspiration for something I’m writing right now. That was PERFECT. 🙂

        P.S. Feel free to keep the good stuff coming (you know, in the likes of Cloud Atlas and Sleeping at Last. Those are A++ recommendations, too.)


      5. Oh don’t worry, that physics stuff is like a pizza buffet for me. I’m just resisting the monologue.

        Let’s see, I haven’t recommended a book yet. Since you liked The Last Question, you really ought to try the Foundation trilogy. I know it’s heralded as the scifi premier of all time but at the the end I felt like it was some weird mystical social experience I couldn’t put my finger on.


        The Fountain. It’s largely about death and a bit anti-immortality, but I pulled other things from it. It’s a TOUGH movie though. And the melody in it is the most haunting thing Ive ever heard (in a good way).

        Contact. Don’t let it seem like a creepy or cheesy movie about aliens. It’s actually probably the best drama on the interplay of science/reason vs faith I know of. And adapted from a Carl Sagan book oddly. Again, way way way more than the movie might initially appear.

        That should keep you busy. 🙂


  2. The covert message is also “buy Disney.” I did a post once about how I thought the animated princess in Enchanted was a little too sexy with her come hither looks and strap falling off her shoulder dress. Thereafter, I was bombarded with searches for “sex Disney princess.” IT’S CREEPY.


    1. Is Enchanted that movie with the cartoons and real people merging together in one movie? Yeah, it is. I don’t have a copy but maybe Youtube has.

      It’s not your fault sexually unsatisfied people pollute the world. Among the searches I get are: “reflection stepped out of the mirror” pussy, black men fucking white girls wearing a condom stories, blowjob lip bruise, and a whole looooot more. Like WHAT?! I’m not running a porno site HERE. Still have no clue how it happens. Google and its algorithms…


  3. It started with the word Disney and ended with a picture of ox balls. Brilliant.

    Do you think a corrupt government does better with a larger nation or a smaller one? It’s amazing how it almost doesn’t matter.


    1. I actually do not know the average size of an ox’s balls. I think I might look that up…

      You’re right. I think all governments are corrupt, just in varying doses. It’s just annoying (and all sorts of negative feelings) how I happen to live in the number one most corrupt country in Asia (fact…at least in the survey I read). That reads so selfishly. But if I can sprinkle a little optimism here, I’m still glad I don’t live somewhere where I’ll be acid attacked in no time.

      That link is terribly depressing. 😦


    1. Hehe I’m glad I’m not the only one with this Disney love. It always helps when you have people on your sides to back you up in the event of a Great Debate rising up (although I doubt if that comes Disney would be in the list of the topics at all lol). It’s great to hear back from you again, M! xoxo


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