Major Gloomth and Minor Bloopers

For the past few weeks I’ve felt really…*drumroll*


I don’t like feeling gloomy for such a long time.  Never never never.  Gloomy is good but only for a short while.  Make it longer than a week and I’m going to start having problems.  I’m not even sure why I felt like that.  I didn’t have anything personally traumatizing happen to me recently. Perhaps life (angry version) just decided it was time to finally make me an adult and paint me the general cynicism that comes with it.  Most “adults” are like that anyway and I don’t even blame them.  But that’s not me.

Maybe it was just because I haven’t got out of the house other than doing necessary purchases (mostly FOOD bwaha) in that time frame.  Maybe.  So I decided to do an experiment.  I got out of the house yesterday and visited a friend.  During the trip nothing major happened other than seeing a man with a child suffer from a nervous breakdown inside a jeepney.

I know.  It was so sad. 😦 Tsk. (I’m going to write about that soon because that is a post in itself.)

Other than that, I was really exhausted, but boy, I had F-U-N at last!  My friends and I ended up making song covers, see, and here’s the one I made the most mistakes in hahahaha! The trip back home was more than an hour and when I arrived, I was too tired to even change my clothes before going to bed.  But you know what, I didn’t sleep that good for a long time (a.k.a few weeks) now.

Did my experiment work?

I can’t say for sure–I still have that Meh/Neutral/Life-Sucks-and-Always-Will overall disposition–but I’m glad I did it.  I always had fun hanging out with different people now that I think of it…yeah, I really should do it more.  This is getting so long already and I’m just spewing out detail after detail of my personal life, sorry.

I just want to say that I want to be happy.  Well who doesn’t? And if you don’t…REALLY? :/

I think I look happy here hahaha!
I think I look happy here bwahaha!

Happiness is quite a reach.  Perhaps I should start with Positivity, yes?


17 thoughts on “Major Gloomth and Minor Bloopers

  1. This is very funny. I am feeling a little this way right now because I am stuck in a rut by going to work as a bartender then coming home and putting by graphic designer/whatever designer hat on. One two more weeks and I’m done with bartending though and I can get out of my rut by going shopping and spending lots of money……..Then comes the happiness lol 🙂


    1. Hahaha good for you! It sucks how we have to do things we don’t really love in order to have some sweet moolah, right? It’s so “adult” and I’m still coming to terms with it. If I have any choice in the matter I would love to just spend most of my time writing. Blah. But bartender sounds fun. You get to meet a lot of people and that is a good thing…sometimes. 😀


  2. have a BIG bowl of ice cream or maybe a whole gallon. When you get sick afterwards, loneliness will disappear and you will get miserable 🙂

    ** a good chat with a friend or two will help and if not, go somewhere and SHOUT !!!

    ** I’m Lonely too. Let’s make and L-L club 😀


    1. Big bowl of ice cream sounds reaaaallly good. Yeah, I think I’ll get the fruit salad flavor haha.
      Aww, sorry to hear you’re lonely, too. Perhaps T could help? That club sounds like a really good idea. If only we could meet once or twice a month, yeah? Like an AA group or something. But every meeting each of us will do something we have never done before. It would be really good. 😉


  3. Don’t discount gloomy. Many literary and musical careers have been buoyed and sustained by gloomy. I read a great article not long ago about how the pursuit of happiness is a fairly modern contrivance. Not too terribly long ago, merely surviving was the thing.


    1. I think gloomy is important. For one, you could create really good art out of gloomy and there’s mountain loads of evidence to that. I just don’t want him in my head ALL the time. I’m just not that kind, you know what I mean? And I’m rather ambitious now since I don’t want merely to survive but to thrive. I think I can afford that since I’m still young *cough2x*. Maybe a couple of years more would change that. Let’s see.


    1. I always overdose myself with hot sauce, when it’s around it has got to go with anything on my plate. I also always forget to replenish the supply. You’re right, I wouldn’t have been so gloomy. Thank you for suggesting the perfect suicide solution.

      Never heard of Hall ‘N Oates til now. (Blasphemy?) My blue days’ listen has been Regina Spektor for ages now.


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