The Fail-Proof Formula

I can write that title with full authority because of this picture:

I seriously have no idea, too.
I seriously have NOOO idea.

It was great!  It was fun!  Greater yet, it was funny!  Why? Because it came as a total surprise.

I never expected this piece to be Freshly Pressed because:

  1.  I had thought a post should be published on the same day as it is Freshly Pressed.  The said piece has been already published a week before the oddity happened. I had this passive belief that the big guys and gals were monitoring EACH post that gets published and if they found one they liked, it’s instantly stacked in their FP wall. What a twit! Who could possibly do that kind of job and still manage to actually breathe?
  2. I never thought people still like reading fiction in blogs.

Of the two, that last one actually is the more idiotic.  How can people not read fiction?  It offers us a means of escaping the mundane and struggles of reality.  A breather to be exact.

Yet this very act of escape provides us a means of looking back at reality in a way that makes us realize what it is we truly have; a lie used as key to see the truth. This, I believe, is the true power of fiction.

And hell, I loved writing it.  More than any other.

But I avoided doing so; at least, I avoided showing it to people.   I began to believe real stories about real people is what blogging is about.  So I avoided showing my art, what I love, because I wanted to belong.  To be popular.

How awfully wrong I was.

The FP’d story I wrote is indeed fiction, but only because I dressed it as such.  It is rather deeply rooted to the reality I know.  And I wrote it with love.  But the things that we love will always be fragile in our eyes.  Since I cannot dare it being rejected by another editor (or if I’m honest, a first reader), I placed it somewhere I’m able to protect it, this blog.

I failed to see what was coming.  Perhaps it has something to do with the cynical turns things in my life have been doing as of late.  I didn’t want to believe the things I love could have the same effect on others, that they could also care.

Just when I was becoming a quite good cynic, Freshly Pressed-dom happened.

I did no marketing stuff, no Commenting-on-Other-Blogs-so-People-Could-Look-Me-Up stuff, no “Liking Spree” stuff, no sharing it on 13 other social media platforms stuff.  After I cleaned up a spot for my story here, I shoved the idea of empathy, of the compelling force of love, to the Invisible Giant Recycle Bin of my life.

So they got angry.  They rose from the grave of the Crumpled Rejects to knock some sense into my head, such as this:

There will always be others who have gone through similar experiences as you.  There will always be others who will be able to relate.


And who am I to argue with zombie rejects?

We owe it to ourselves and to others to tell these stories–in whatever form they come.  We should make it our duty to never let ourselves, and each other, feel alone.


I guess this hasn’t been much of an FP Formula at all.  But I’ve never really prided myself with writing accurate titles, brahahaha…

Despite it not having “FP Guaranteed!” tattooed up its forehead, you might still find a pretty good use for this formula:

Show people what you are passionate about. Show people what you love.



BONUS:  Chuck Wendig Awesomeness a.k.a Something a Writer Couldn’t Pass Up!

19 thoughts on “The Fail-Proof Formula

  1. Wooo I’m glad your Freshly Pressed was something that was important to you and you worked hard at and really defined who you are and your talents and voice. Congrats to you! Reassurance that at least some public nameless/faceless authority appreciates your work!

    Can I have your autograph?


    1. Thanks, Tim! You’re the best. Now name three parts of your body and my e-pen will be there in no time. Belly button excluded.

      Nice gravatar! You must really miss the hair…(Now’s the 9th, have they released the results?)


      1. The results come out Friday actually. I find out about something else today. Something else that was nationwide and only accepts 3 people….

        Please don’t have me name 3 body parts of my own. I want to remain respectful.


  2. From what I gathered, Freshly Pressed posts cannot have any mature content and must refrain from sexual innuendos. I guess my blogs are out of the running.

    Good job to you though. That definitely adds a boost to your views.


    1. Yeah I read that somewhere–that your post should be clean from mature content to be featured. But not necessarily the blog I think. Why, I used fuck and its likes a lot in my other posts haha!

      And oh thank you! My stats have more than tripled these past days. Crazy really.


  3. I thought I saw you on FP late one night, but then thought maybe I was tired and getting confused with my reader feed, hah. I’m glad I was wrong and congratulations! I was just discussing the other day with someone how WP lack of sincerity and intellectual creativity depressed me, but your’s was one of the few blogs I appreciated as a real, thinking, and creating individual, so you have my props.


    1. Awww…this comment made my heart flitter and flutter and send this weird prickle to my neck. That’s how much this means to me, Josh, since you’re one of the people I met here in WordPress whom I admire the most. Thank you! 😉


      1. Well the bulk of what has been “me” over wordpress has been little more than an overobsession of spirituality, physics, and metaphysics in a desperate attempt to solidify meaning and justify my hopes for survival after death (sprinkle in a little africa) so don’t admire me too much there hah! Still Ill take the returned compliment. I do have hobbies after all, I think.

        And glad to be of service, but if that prickle last more than two hours, you might call a doctor. So are the implication of your blog title. Viagra bottles as well.


      2. Naw, you’re too modest. THAT bulk of you here in wordpress is more than enough to intrigue the mind and touch the heart. I’m sure you have less than ideal traits (I sometimes burp without making any excuses nyaha) but I’ve never really felt right around them perfect people. Let’s just agree we’re both awesome, okay? Haha!

        Viagra bottles. Eck. How dare you suggest such atrocity!


      3. Hey now, why does Viagra need be an atrocity? I’m fully depending on that to allow me to end my lonely retirement home life (if so it becomes) by overdosing in… interesting ways.

        But yes, I am awesome. And I guess I can share that status– you draw way better than me after all.


    1. it’s for business purposes. because when you get famous and I have your autograph then I can sell it on ebay and make lots of money , instant lottery… don’t you think so ? hehehehe..


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