It’s been a long while since I last cried.

I have forgotten it could feel this good.

Perhaps it’s just the rain and pale sky, but I felt like shedding tears. A lot of them. And for no specific reason at all. No, not really. I’m crying for a lot of reasons.

I cry for myself. For humanity. For kids who are never given the chance to enjoy their childhoods. For the mothers and fathers who lost their children by whatever reason. For people who parted ways with hope a long time ago…people who just exist.

I cry for the abuse that goes on, and on, and the little ones that have to experience such extreme harshness.  I cry for the elderly who are just waiting for death, with no family to visit or be with them.  I cry for the people too far gone and lost grasps with our reality.

I cry for the people drowned in poverty. For the children who have to scour my garbage for anything edible to eat. I cry for the boy who never experienced playing with his father. For the kids who have to be the ones to take care of the adults.

I cry for every person who felt ugly, too ordinary, like no one would ever want them. I cry for every person rejected, ignored, no matter the effort.  I cry for the love unrequited, pleas disregarded, help withheld.

I cry for the painful words spoken. For the families broken. For the hard work that never pays off.

I cry for dreams broken. For those who feel alone, helpless, unloved, insignificant…

We are all more alike than we ever want to believe. The circumstances seem to push us to believe otherwise–to be cynical, to believe that this is a world where every man fends for himself alone. And we forget that we are all important. Beautiful. Brilliant. We all have so much potential, if only given the chance.

Why are we so hesitant to give each other that chance?

If we only think of the hurts that we may suffer if we do, of the possible rejection we may face, how could anything change? We’re the only ones who could help ourselves. No matter how we try to deny it, we do need each other.

Please, this is so cliché, but please, please just spread the love.

In all its forms. To everyone. To every feeling thing.

You might just feel better about yourself. About others. About everything. About life.

I know I did once.

I think I’m about ready to try again.


20 thoughts on “Please

  1. This was great. A little rewritten and I could see it spoken by a “misunderstood villain” type. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been obsessed with misunderstood villains lately. Great messages all the way around.


  2. Awesome post! You know sometimes I just feel like crying when I see something out in the street. Someone severely disabled, a really down looking homeless guy or an injured animal. They all make me want to break down! It’s like I know that I (all of us) are only ever a few steps away from losing the things, people and abilities we love.

    So I guess my point is the same as yours, spread the love, appreciate what we have and live in the moment 🙂 Super cliche but I don’t care hehe 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!



    1. This might sound selfish but I’m so glad I’m not alone with this inclination. I know I’m technically not alone since we are all feeling creatures after all, but I can rarely feel it. People around me are either too hardened by life’s beatings to feel bad for others or either too caught up in their own lives that they can’t pause and look at the bigger picture. And I’m not even sure if I should be jealous or sorry for them…

      It’s like I know that I (all of us) are only ever a few steps away from losing the things, people and abilities we love.

      Oh, that is so true. So true indeed. With that, I think the best investment is still on love; it pays you back the moment you give it…somehow. Thanks for dropping your gem here, Rohan! 😉

      Love, and peace, and laughter your way,


  3. Hoi IngeIk blijf gewoon alles eten aangezien ik ontzettend veel rauwkost eet weet ik niet wat ik anders moet nemen en ik word gek van al die paniek het loopt meestal met een sisser afjuNtuarli,k was ik de groente goed maar dat deed ik toch alGroetjes en tot kijk Puck


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