Squiggly Lines

It started with a drawing.

Sonja's A Child WIthin. Check it out here: http://sixglassesofwater.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/a-child-within/
Sonja’s A Child WIthin.
Check out Sonja’s work here.

Actually, no. It wasn’t even a drawing but a few squiggly lines. But someone loved those squiggly lines, loved them very much, and it was the best thing that happened to them. Because of it, they were given life.

They became Mistyr Dovclothe.

Oh, she wasn’t called Mistyr Dovclothe then. Nobody knows her name before she became Mistyr. But it must have been a happy name, for that was what she was. The first memories she ever had was being loved. That is enough to make anyone happy. She laughed a lot then, too. The littlest things fascinate her. Her life was simple–you know, being made up of an assortment of squiggly lines–but it was filled with wonder, adventure, appreciation, and–you guessed it–love.

Eventually she grew up.

She begun to meet the folks adults already know well. She hoped and expected for the best, then she met Disappointment; a cold and whiny lady, that Dis was. She looked at the people around her and the amazing lives they led. She reached out for she wanted to touch, to be a part of their lives. But then she met Rejection. Where Dis was cold and whiny, Rej didn’t even talk to her. The best she got was a fleeting glance before he turned his gaze, plunking her back in the ignore corner.

But they didn’t stop her from seeing the beauty around her, for it was still there no matter how obscure it has become. She strived hard to find and to create beauty, for some time after meeting Dis and Rej, or maybe in-between, she unknowingly equated beauty with love.

She misses Love. Sometimes she asks herself ‘Where did L go?’ ‘Have I wandered too far that L can never reach me now?’

She wanted to find L, and so she created beauty.

She became Beauty.

Then something took change. She saw Rej less and less, and began meeting new folks. It was Admiration she often saw. At first she thought she has found L at last, for L and Ad looked very much alike. Time passed. And she discovered they have never been the same.

By this time, she and Dis have become close acquaintances. Hanging out with Dis often, she shared more. She gave more of herself to the cold, whiny Dis that eventually she started to become like her.

It was then that she met Failure. She never liked Failure though. Fai always makes her feel that everything is wrong and nothing will ever be right again. She tried her best to avoid Fai and sometimes she succeeds. Sometimes.

I’m not sure when it happened (maybe somewhere between all these things?), but she found The Hall of Mirrors. She had never really looked at herself before. She looked at her reflection, yes, but always as a glimpse. Never too deeply.  Never questioning.

In The Hall of Mirrors, she looked at herself for the first time.

She saw Mistyr Dovclothe staring back at her. Mistyr Dovclothe is beautiful. She is very hard; made up of many different layers–dark shadows, and light ones, and sharp lines, and delicate curves, and much, much more.

Mistyr Dovclothe is a work of art.

But sometimes, sometimes she misses those squiggly lines.


4 thoughts on “Squiggly Lines

    1. I’m glad it rings a bell. Mistyr came from Nut, that story you helped me with. I saw the picture in another blogger’s site and it’s almost exactly the picture I have of Mistyr in my mind. So I wrote a ‘lil back story. I can’t help it, haha 😉


  1. This is really cool! I love how you’ve personified things like Failure, Disappointing and Love, like they are characters in our lives, because they are!

    Wow, well done, I like your style 🙂

    All the best!



    1. Aww, thank you. I actually got the idea because I was looking at a picture of the Endless from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman before writing this. The guy’s the ultimate father of personification–well, for me he is. 😉


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