In Absentia Veritas

Seeking truths is harder

When you don’t really want to know

The answer–it’s what’s left

Of a limb after amputation

Of the portion necrotized by fear,

An’ stubbornness,

An’ lies,

An’ that portion that’s infatuated

With the need to instantly gratify


Building your life in false truths

Will not suffice as time goes by


So you cut, cut, cut ties,

Ignoring pain; you’ll be alright,

You thought, when you deny yourself

Of those mocking verities–leave ‘em behind

Then you find yourself in the same spot

Unclear what the problem is

T’would be long ‘fore you can

Accept those whom we call as truths

Are the best liars indeed


An’ when planning doesn’t work

An’ good sense leaves you in a rut

Maybe it’s time to let the ‘lil voice speak

An’ leave reason behind the bars



Like anybody else, we are one,

Living a question of a life

So who knows what’s what, really?

Who knows enough to tell you what is right?

In a void where truth transcends,

At this breath we’re still all clueless

Your guess is as good as mine



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