I Knew It!


(I’ve always known it, deep inside my very core, that I was made of star material. Heh-he!)

For some very personal reason that is, I suspect, rooted much to the kid I was/am, this has made me very happy. *Oooohheee* 😉 Have you read Neil Gaiman’s Stardust? It’s the best fairy tale I have ever read, albeit a little dark. And yet…it just makes the work more beautiful. For isn’t life not one, but light and dark combined?

Just like Everything.

Reality is just one side of the two-way mirror called Everything. The other side, the one we do not always see but always sees us…

That is Magic.

(Picture courtesy here.)


13 thoughts on “I Knew It!

    1. Ha! I so totally am! 😉

      I just finished your book and wow, you weren’t kidding about that whimper. Now I almost feel like cheekstheclown. Okay maybe not. I’m still at the aftershock stage. And the last two lines? Perfect. I still need to look over the whole thing again to make a decent review. I’d have to get a cold drink and something sweet first though, I could still feel that bitter aftertaste of whimper in my mouth.

      Overall quick review though?

      *waves gold flag*


      1. Gold means the same thing to you as it does to me, right? Thanks for reading it. I appreciate it. If you thought those last two lines were perfect wait until my next “autobiographical” thing goes out. I wrote the conclusion today and it is amazingly perfect.

        Let the after taste leave your mouth first. Comedy is a dirty business that will kill you if you’re not careful.


      2. After reading your book, I have this whole new outlook on comedians that includes more respect. That business could KILL you and dump your body in the sewers, alright! Seriously, you have some guts! And just thinking about having to face those hecklers–oh no, no, performing stand-up comedy is something that shouldn’t come up in my bucket list.

        Apparently, Amazon has this “48-hour waiting period” so I can’t place my review yet. Why do you think they have all these rules? I just don’t see the point.


      3. I think people were abusing it. Lots of “authors” would give out free copies then go on a 5 star review spree, probably leaving the reviews themselves. Plus they’re the alpha. Alpha makes the rules.

        Once the book about all of the girls in my life up until I was 21 comes out you’ll see there were also good times in comedy. Lots of drinking, lots of girls, and a ton of sitting there drunk wondering where the girls have gone off to.


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