The scent of you never really left

It stays on my pillows like the gambler in the middle

Of a bet that robs the mind of logic

Forming my thoughts, my thoughts of you

Hung by a thread of hopes, dreams–willing idiocy–

Mimicking the faux rings of promises forged

From glee; borne by Joy as fleeting as a dream

Tell me, how long will this last before it’ll vanish?

Too soon, too quick, like the songs after you sleep

Just when you’re convinced a truth has been sung

The scent has gone leaving you with none


In haste you seek the room for answers

Gawking at the rumpled, tarnished portrait

Of the one abandoned; a lover without love

Who turned and never looked again

The light, is but a light, when there’s no one

Left to look and see more than what there is;

Hard when your clothes are here yet nothing, nothing

Fill its gaps as who made the world

Still with memories of you, and I, and

The cracks, and that too honest

Glow-in-the-dark sky

And just when I was convinced I have found something true

The light revealed dark shadows and hues

Hello, goodbye.

Is there more to be said?

When all are just keepsakes–a plague in your head?

When all you really wanted

When all you really wanted

And all you really wanted

Is to never live alone

I guess it’s all; it’s all that’s left to be

When the scent has been long gone

And the lights are all burnt out

Out, with the songs sung after the lies

Out, with those cracks in that glow-in-the-dark sky



9 thoughts on “Tiptoes

    1. Vanessa Hudgens is such an inspiring muse, isn’t she?

      Come to think of it, this really had its roots with something you said that never quite left me. That part about not being sure if you won’t die alone. It stuck. I think I have to say thanks?


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