Milk and Blood

He was standing in the woods, alone, staring at the young white moon for hours, thinking of the same one thing before he called out her name.


She appeared, sitting on a rock, like she has been there all along. In her arms was a fawn, suckling on her left breast like it knew she was its mother. And she believed she was. Is.

What do you want?

“I want to join The Guardians.”

You are a man.

“I want to dedicate my life to protecting what belongs to nature. Life. I could do that while being a man.”

Come here.

With the slightest touch, he felt the tip of her fingers brushing his lids. He closed them. Then he saw himself suckling on Artemis’ right breast, much like a child having his first taste of his mother’s milk. He saw that as he sucked, the milk turned into blood, and his form also transformed. By the time he was fed, he saw himself turned into a woman – a very beautiful, if somehow forlorn, woman.

Are you prepared to do that?

He opened his eyes and found himself unable to answer. He just looked at her, at the fawn in her arms; still suckling, and he wondered if it, too, would change.

He then bowed, took a step back. He was not seen ever again in that part of the woods.

The fawn, who really was the god Apollo, asked her twin, “What did you show him, love?”

She looked at the moon, thinking, and was silent for a second. Or it could be minutes. Or hours. Maybe even years.

Finally, she said, “I showed him what no man would never willingly do.

“Which was?”

To be transformed into something he will always see only as second best.




20 thoughts on “Milk and Blood

  1. I couldn’t take this one seriously as Artemis made me think of the chick from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I’m not sure how familiar you are with the show. If you are then you will get why this disturbed me.

    Are you in a “men are pigs” mood today?


    1. Hahahaha! You all are, but I love you still.

      I’ve never heard of that until now. I always respected Artemis. Googling that show would probably ruin my image of her. But I’m born with curiosity. Google here I come.


  2. I was going to just click like because this story is awesome… However, then you’ll think I’m just in love with the like button, and didn’t actually read it. I’m so glad you included their conversation at the end to explain what happened.


    1. People like you and me should win the lottery. 😉

      I’m actually irked by bots, uh, I mean people, yes people who like tons of your, say, mostly more than 500-word posts but never really read it. Maybe it’s just me but I find it rather insulting – like I’d really prefer it if they’d do nothing at all. Wow, this is rant-esque. I’m just glad another real blogger read my post instead of the bots which I frequently get.


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