The Arrow

Of Cupid was newly polished. As it was the 14th, he set out to use it at once. First, he shot the man sitting alone on the bench in a park.
“No one’s sitting lonely on my day, I say!”
Then he saw a girl jogging in the path passing the bench. He aimed, and with god-like accuracy released his arrow.
In the exact same moment, the girl tripped. Fortunately, her boyfriend caught up in time to help her up. Then he saw a man on a bench looking at him as they passed.

It was love at first sight.


4 thoughts on “The Arrow

  1. I remember I wrote a really bad song/poem and one of the lyrics was “cupid shot his arrow on a windy day.” It was my way of trying to convince myself the girl I thought I was in love with had fallen for the wrong guy. This was during my blues period when instead of solving problems I wrote lousy poems.


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