Hello, Humanity! I Hate You

It’s been too long since I last made known how great and loving I really am. So without further adon’t (sorry for stealing the line, Tommy Top Hat), here’s my love letter. Or misanthropic salutations. And I didn’t even mention fuck more than twice. Sorry, thrice. 🙂

To Teenagers:

You’re so pathetic. What? You think because you’re young then you’re cute and you could charm your way out of every stupid thing you do? You’re not only pathetic, you’re stupid. I don’t know how you could make all these people believe you have something inside that head aside from air and bat droppings, and that you’re worthy of winning a million’s worth of “I adore you” when you’re just being your vomit-worthy self.

Fuck you, too, Big Brother.

I may sound like a sore loser, but I know I don’t look like it. You’re both. I hate you now and will keep on doing so ‘til you grow some body hair, wear diapers and start using a cane.

To Jealous Siblings:

Think how that object of jealousy sis/bro could die any minute now. Say what you would in that situation instead of giving ‘em a piece of your smart ass.

Or you could do the latter. You’d still be the same less favorite child of mummy and daddy dear anyway.


To Teachers Who Think They’re Unquestionable:

You’re only fooling yourselves. If I have to choose between ambitious and smart to describe you, I know you know I chose smart to keep you from failing me. But the whole world knows otherwise. You’re not only morons, but you are self-advertising morons. I know teachers in all forms should be respected, but you just won’t get that from me. Just because students don’t have the kind of credentials you “possess” then they don’t have the right to question your authority or your methods?


Alright, I love playing this game. I will act as if I love you every step of the way. But know that I won’t have second thoughts in dipping your head in that turdful toilet bowl when the right opportunity comes.

To Cheating Lovers:

I’ve been in your shoes once and believe me, I admitted how stupid I am every cheating step of the game. It’s wrong. It’s despicable. I should have been hanged.

So I stopped. And I would finally know I’m a moron if I do the same mistake twice. But that won’t be happening any time soon.

How about you, moron? And that’s a hypothetical question so don’t even fucking answer.

To People Who Bash The Country They Were Born, Raised, and Still Living In:

You simply are the most pathetic of them all. You find only the fault in everything and whine about that with smart-sounding words. You intellectualize how pathetic your country is, how all your people simply don’t have the right attitude, how they are all talk and no walk, how you live in a country run by fifth-graders who plays a “Make Believe Senate”, how the religion of the majority of the population is affecting this whole idiocy, how you can’t love anything more than to live in another place instead of living in the only nation you have ever stepped your sorry foot on.

Damn, you even made a blog dedicated to this whole nation-hating crap you’ve got! You even ruined your country’s own flag. All that behind a cyber identity with no name! Wow! Really mature of you. Really. I’m being sarcastic? Nooooooo.

Dude, you have personal issues. Really. And if there’s anyone to blame, it’s YOU.

And oh, I do think you deserve to have your lips sewn together, and those legs fed to acid-using bums. That’s what you get from talking without saying anything. And having legs only as props.

I hate you all. 🙂 x, J


2 thoughts on “Hello, Humanity! I Hate You

  1. Wait, which one was about me?

    I hope getting the rage out helps. Remember, after this fury some cleaning up needs to be done though. Wait until the time is right. It’s never too late.


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