Last One Minute

What do you see when you close your eyes?

I see nothing.

Yet I see everything.

Open – eyed, I see you look away from me; see you look at no one. Making a point of it, perhaps? And when I close my eyes, I see that I exist.

At least I think I do.

But I need you to look at me. With that you’ll show me that I do, you know, exist.

Will you look at me?

I know you need it, too.


You can look away now. Or you could close your eyes. I rather enjoy the latter, but it’s up to you. Look away and you still exist in this world, close your eyes and you may end up in other worlds.

Escape…you like that, eh?

I know. I know.

Anywhere, whatever situation we may end up in, we would always want to get out of it. All that in due time. It’s a built -in mechanism, I suppose – one we can do without, but can’t.

I wonder now.

In heaven, would we still feel the urge to escape? Was it what Lucifer felt?

Just wondering.


3 thoughts on “Last One Minute

  1. Read this twice!!!! I like, never thought urge to escape like this or in terms of Heaven…I think pride was Lucifer downfall from Heaven. But this post got me thinking…I guess in Heaven there will no need or urge right? All will be perfect and we will be content not to have urges…would there even be any urges?!?

    This one got me thinking…well done!!!


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