*VII. Finale

“Final Kiss” by Landix (Click to view full image)

Now, now you heard it,

Tales most far from sweet,

Her music gentle, clear,

Yet each note hides a tear,

From Great West to Far East,

Rough North, Treach’rous South,

Where songs begin, nurtured,

Melody she sings to you now.

You may or may not believe,

She only speaketh what she sees;

No friends, enemies, allies, or foes,

The Wind simply exists –

To collect mem’ries long forgotten,

Tales without her would’bin lost,

An’ when End arrives she’ll bring it,

To Time, waiting on his post.

But End still lies in slumber,

The World sees not his face,

But you, m’dear, have met him,

Now you must leave this place.

So hold my hand now, don’t fear,

For I am only Death,

To other worlds we’ll venture,

A new tale you must set.”


6 thoughts on “*VII. Finale

    1. The feeling is mutual.

      And please don’t ask me about those kinds of stuff -noun, pronoun, adjective, and verb I can tell you what but please please nothing beyond that, please! But for the sake of naming, let’s call it “The Shortcut” style. Boring name I know, boo. I thought it felt nice with the beat of the poem that’s why you saw it with Death’s face here. 😉


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