I Told You I’m Mad, Did I Not? (Happiness IS a Disease?)

“…It is proposed that happiness be classified as a psychiatric disorder and be included in future editions of the major diagnostic manuals under the new name: major affective disorder, pleasant type…”

“…Then happiness is surely “a discrete cluster of symptoms…associated with a range of cognitive abnormalities.” People laugh and smile foolishly, speak too fast,  and exhibit “cognitive abnormalities” by failing to keep in mind death, decay, the plight of the globe, and the essential thoughtlessness, wickedness, and selfishness of people.

Clinching the proposition that happiness is a disease, the author of the paper in theJournal of Medical Ethics then writes that happiness probably “reflects the abnormal functioning of the central nervous system.” This is not an imaginary disease but one that could be demonstrated with anatomical, biochemical, or genetic abnormalities if we were clever enough.

Finally, some shallow readers of this blog might object that happiness is “not negatively valued (Roth again mocks scientific writers’ love of double negatives like “not uncommon”), but this claim, the original author dismisses, as “scientifically irrelevant.” Scientists are prone to such grand dismissals, and I dare any BMJ reader to say that happiness is not a disease. That it is so is proved.


And as I previously said, I am a RED ELEPHANT. Now I’m also a very shallow reader. And I deserve to be UN-happy and remain healthy and disease-free. Just as much as you do.

Now really, I think I’d rather be happy and abnormal than UN-happy and normal any day. The whole world is so addicted with convincing themselves mad. Bother.

Will you just kill me now?


(Full article: http://blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2010/11/08/richard-smith-now-happiness-is-declared-a-disease/ )

Stay happy too long and you just might meet him…

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