Fun! Fun! Great Fun!

What is?

Well, very amateur RECORDING, that is!

You see, it’s been a real treat to record these nonsensical flippertwits I made up for my stories.

1.Nika’s Song (TotWK: Music Box)

2.Nika’s Mum’s Song (TotWK: Music Box)

3.Devil’s Child Chant (TotWK: Devil’s Child)***

4.Song of a Gypsy Woman (TotWK: ______)

The third one‘s got to be my favorite!


Heed this warning, loves: one has a COCK crowing in the background, one is a SPOILER, and my favorite is a REAL PAIN in the ears. But it fits, seeing as it’s dedicated to one blogger who happened to call me a witch. You know who you are (clue: initials= T.B. and a charming idiot, but at least a real genius in the field – not of being charming, but idiocy). This idiot also likes all things M – like Moose and Miley cyrus – and Me, as well.

Now seriously.

I just wanted to ask you if you know how to pronounce this: “Cthulhu“? You don’t? Me too. Now I really have to agree – Neil Gaiman‘s probably got the world’s largest octopus head.

You take care, you.

‘Til then 😉


4 thoughts on “Fun! Fun! Great Fun!

  1. I like the Gypsy Woman’s Song best. The Devil Child Chant sounds just like that…very cool! And Nika’s song and her mum’s song definitely sound like a child’s and a mother’s song! 🙂


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