Collaborations and Introductions

I know it’s a little late for the latter, but then again…

Three things.

Let me start by sharing to you the works of my, err, good friend, Landix.

The Deal” created for the story Tales of the Wind’s Kiss: Devil’s Child

Click to view full image.

Le Pedofile“, this time for Tales of the Wind’s Kiss: Music Box

Click to view full image.

Now tell me you think they’re horrifyingly beautiful.

I know, I know.

It’s vital you understand here that Landix is a lunatic. I asked for his permission to place a link here to his website but the doofus declined. Yes. Crazy, just crazy I’m telling you.

But he’s also really good, so it’s not much of a question why I collaborated with him. At least to me.

Really now, Landix is not all that bad. A little crazy, but an artist and more importantly, a friend. 🙂 You’ll be seeing more of him soon. Well, I hope.

Now second, my niche.

I started this blog without much of a niche – more of decided to make an outlet for my random thoughts, rants, and music I’m too chicken to share to my mainstream outlet – the magnificent FB. I was just putting random brain droppings time and again. But very recently, it just dropped on me one late night staring-at -the-ceiling-with-headphones-at full-blast session.

My niche would be to tell stories.

I know it’s another kind of brain droppings, but at least brain droppings you can categorize. Blame it on my control freak streak. But yeah, I have decided to communicate with the world in a new way. This time I’ll use an old friend, “fiction”.

I’ve always loved stories. I learned to read because I was told those boring-looking things called books hold so much of them. I look forward to my father’s bedtime stories as a kid. As a teen, with great reluctance, I wore glasses because I won’t give up this love for stories. The glasses grew thicker with time. Yes, until now.

Maybe it’s the little truths stories always have, even though we call them “fiction“. Many men, women, and children could attest to the great power some of these little truths hold. Still, some of them are also just as what they seem, little.

And yet, it doesn’t make them any less.

I guess I will always love stories. It’s really not something you can stop. It’s part of what makes you you. Or me. Yeah, you get it.

So, logically, I created stories simply because. Like water flows because it is meant to. Like the wind dances and, yes sometimes, destroys. Destiny. Fate. Or simply choice. A choice made with ultimate love.

And like how some people treat their dogs, their dolls, or those things I think come from another planet (they say it’s called cars), I treat these stories as my babies.

There’s only one thing I ask of you. Love them or hate them, but treat these stories with respect. At core, they really meant good. For no story is evil by itself. They are what we, people, make of them. Respect them, and they will pay you back for it.

They always do – or else.


Now for the third and most important part.

Readers, Likers, Commenters, Haters, Followers, Spammers, and my dear Friends, human or not…

I thank you.

For what? Many, many things. Perhaps for licking mooses, for fighting for kids, for sharing less noticed beautiful works of art, for adding beauty to the world, for being a shcmuck of a clown, and a gazillion other as important reasons.

But most of all, for acknowledging that THIS exists.Of course, you know what I mean.

Until then,



16 thoughts on “Collaborations and Introductions

  1. Yes, it is the urge to constantly define ourselves that drives us to communicate, reach out, write. Today I added a feature at the end of the post on my blog to invite my readers to more reading – instead of just viewing. Just in case you’d like to check it out. Keep writing…and collaborating! All the best, M


      1. Collaboration is a beautiful thing! Apparently I forgot to adjust the settings when I decided to go public with these musings…give it another try and thanks so much for helping!


  2. Awww so sentimental. I hope you’re not dying…

    Really, you should work your stories out here on your blog then try self-publishing. There’s an audience out there for everything.


    1. Not planning to anytime soon, but really, if Death wants to chat over coffee and hotdogs, who am I to argue?

      Publishing a book I can hold with your own hands? Sounds like my kind of dream. Soon. Soon(I can hope!). And yeah, how’s the Satan book going? And when will I get a FREE copy? Haha!:D


      1. I’m waiting for someone to edit through it for me. Everything has been written. I had a friend make me a cover the other day. Now I have to format it this really weird way. Free copy? Free copies will be available for only a select few.

        Nah I’m realistic. I’m going to probably put a code to get it for free online on my blog. EBooks are a lot simpler. You should work on those first. Otherwise it would cost about $30 to print 100 pages.


      2. I preferred real books to ebooks since my eyelids did this weird involuntary flapping thingy. Haha! But yeah, IF ever I’d publish it would be an ebook first. Well, good luck with the publishing! Now I’m wondering how you taught Mr. Satan to act.


      3. Oh I agree about eBooks. I hate reading things online. Paper is always better. There are printing options though. I usually go with those on eBooks.

        Let me know if you get around to it. I was really overwhelmed at first. To have a printed real book copy it would cost $28. I would have to charge more than $28 for anyone to buy my book and make a profit. Would you pay that much? 33 cents a page about? No! I think I’ve figured it out though. I also thought I was a finalist in a contest I entered to win $25,000 and a developmental deal with Fox. Turns out everyone got the email. Boo.


      4. Wow, and that’s just the cost of a single paperback, right? Perhaps if I could have enough work to make a book I’d print only one as a memento and publish the rest as an ebook for free. Then I’d hope that Harper Collins or Scholastic publishers would discover my work and they’d be so awestruck that they’d never stop until they’ve made an eye-popping deal with me. Riiiiggght. Hahaha! Seriously, I’m a retard when it comes to publishing. I didn’t even seriously consider it until recently. I’d need a lot of help from real publishers, I got a feeling you’d be one of them soon enough. 😉


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