Pop Your Hard Rock Inside My Core

Believe me, that title wasn’t meant to suggest a nefarious act at all!

Stupidity is when you see a pop fanatic being ridiculed by a hardcore rocker for his musical taste – or vice versa. They obviously have yet to realize that music has ALWAYS been subjective. Leave a popping idiot to pop his brains out and a hardcore, drugged-looking-and-probably-is rocker to bang his head off. Music has only ONE rule: To each ear his own.”

-Red Elephant, The

Forget pop and rock….THIS is music I want to hear!

 Dunno about them, but I listen to this.

BONUS: Click here for a ‘lil craziness! And no, this isn’t one of those viral thingies. How could you even think of me like that?! Mama said I’m heaven-sent! But so is hail and bird poop, so whatever.

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4 thoughts on “Pop Your Hard Rock Inside My Core

  1. yep. You’re back. What were you thinking? too busy to post?!
    Well i’m glad you’re writing again dear. How are you preparing for your program? Did it already start?


    1. Well yeah I’ve been busy with trying to get some much needed education lately, but after a few days I realized either I must write or I would abandon the books completely! 😀 It’s just a shame I couldn’t write as much as I wanted to though, but a little something now and then is much better than facing those picture-lacking books all day. I started something for Very Loud by the way – it was inspired by something I witnessed recently. It’s rather a bit dark, but it’s reality. I’ll post it up when I’m done with a few changes, but I leave you the decision of putting it up.

      Oh, and I’m glad to hear from you, Nkem! Haha 😀


      1. Haha! same here dear. I don’t get notifications of your posts for some reason. But i’ll figure it out. Or just come by. Glad to hear you’re doing good. Yes, ,y blog is therapy for me too. It gives me something to do other than work and pursuing goals. A nice relieving break. Couldn’t give it up now, I don’t think.


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