Lady & a Not-Very-Gentle Man

In times of dire need, self comes first.”

-Red Elephant, The

It’s 11:30 p.m. They were eating outside and he lent her his jacket since she was literally hugging herself from being cold. Let it be clear that she DID NOT ask for nor did she thought about it. On the way back home, as they were riding his bike, he kept tsk tsk-ing, muttering how she’s so lazy as not to bring her own jacket. After three blocks they stopped, he demanded to have his jacket back, and for the next ten minutes rode in silence with her becoming a human popsicle.

Gentlemen would open doors for her – too bad they’re a very endangered specie.

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8 thoughts on “Lady & a Not-Very-Gentle Man

  1. Of course a gentleman would open a door for America Ferrara. She’s loaded with cash. Probably knows someone who knows Speilberg too.

    I never see men not hold open doors. If anything they do it too much. Or maybe I have a lot of male crushes. I always remind my girlfriend to bring a jacket wherever we go. Too many times have I had to buy something new because she believed too strongly in global warming.


    1. You must be living in a town where women are banned! Or maybe a lot of women just like to be treated like crap? And how did you manage to lure that sensible girl?! Well I think Global warming IS a matter to be taken seriously.


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