100 Words to Say What 4 Words Can

This is a happy post. AND I am a red elephant.

We people always have a tendency to loathe what we understand little about or not at all. Some extremely more than others – a thing I always think makes a person rather inferior to one that is otherwise. A stubborn refusal to acknowledge what’s happening before one’s eyes is plainly RIDICULOUS. On a closer look, with a pinch of not-so-common sense, me’s realized the bigger picture says the world needs these people for balance. It’s always been about balance. However, that doesn’t stop me from avoiding these people. Maybe within I’m self-righteous and narrow-minded, too. Why not? All people are hypocrites.

-Red Elephant, The

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8 thoughts on “100 Words to Say What 4 Words Can

  1. They try to drag everyone down, They want to box you up and put you on a shelf for being non-conforming.

    You explore your reasoning and recognize the ‘hypocrisy’ within yourself.

    You don’t Think your better, you Are better because you don’t need to bring anyone Down to raise yourself Up.

    Their doing that just fine on their own.

    There needs to be a word for “Positive Hypocrisy” as opposed to the Negative version so rampant in the world.


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