I Write Again Because I am Mentally Disturbed (or The Biggest, Lamest Joke Ever!)

Can’t decide what’s the fittest title.


Do you believe that anything is possible?

I guess I do – if “possible” means a chance that things are going to happen/be proved happening/happened. Keyword: chance. ONLY a chance and it doesn’t really mean it is an indisputable fact.


Is it possible that I have a mental disorder?


If you thought of something perverted while looking at this image then I beseech the Fates to not let us cross paths. Ever.

Now before you come into conclusions, let me elaborate. That was really a random thought. It’s not that I’m not feeling myself lately. In fact, I feel delicious! I’d say good but the delicious is the best good word, so it fits in better. Not that I’m thinking of food/sex always. Not really.

See, I think there is a very fine line between sanity and the world beyond. There are so many categories of mental disorders these days that a seemingly normal person might actually be diagnosed with one if he consults with a psych – ologist/iatrist.

It scares me.

I mean, who decided first on what is normal or not anyway?!

*!!!OMG, help!!! I can feel my brain turning into jellybeans! Focus! FOCUS!!!*

Where were we? Right, I really think life is either one big mystery or a very bad joke it’s funny. Maybe both. And it’s because of these things we call Differences.

Yes, Differences.

It’s because of Differences that man’s life went on as it is. When we first realized we were different from the other two – legged freak, we saw this as something that separates us, causing us to feel a myriad of emotions – shock, confusion, curiosity, fear – but fear, being the prince of the Emotions, reigned and led us to sought a solution to fix the “Difference”. So we naturally look for other people who share the “same” interests with us and pounce on that being who is “different”.

It’s a big joke, right?

For no two humans are always alike. Elementary. We’ll always find differences with anything and anyone. But we whine it’s too difficult to live with that. So instead of living with our differences in peace, wars started, labels multiplied, groups of people broke up and regrouped with others only to do so continually but with different sets of people.

Is it stupid? A bad thing, so to say?

Maybe it depends on the kind of difference that caused it all.

We can say a “Good Difference” is one where no moral code is violated, and the “Bad Difference” violates something.


So is it a Good Difference between I, a “perfectly normal” person, and someone who wears a neon green cape for daily use? It doesn’t violate anything except my highly intolerant, aesthetically-inclined eye which I guess doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make him/her a bad person.

So is it?

Probably, but not for that Batman – wannabe since he may just have guaranteed himself a spot in an asylum because shrinks call him “histrionic” at the least who has an inclination to butcher gay people.

And is it a Bad Difference between I, again a “perfectly normal” person, and a human being who kills another human being without the common sense of being a cop or a soldier or a doctor first?

I guess it is.

But what if he kills a person who is planning to kill hundreds of other people to gain a.) Power b.)Money c.) Both d.)Nothing, he just likes killing?

Is it still a Bad Difference?

Sometimes I think I have ADHD. But no (Denial phase! Watch out for Anger!), not really. I just need someone to have a stimulating discourse with, but I guess a lizard could be inadequate for that. So next option is (no, not self-talk since I have enough of that. Enough!) to write and hope to disturb the unfortunate reader/s’ beliefs and ideologies. Truth is I don’t even know what that word means.


It is inevitable for me to end with a conclusion that life really is one big ginormous barrel of joke. I am so done trying to make sense of it. I leave that to ye, oh noble mind doctors (but I’m ready to bet you’d pass the curse to the nearest person after a few more years or so. But no fear, I won’t be telling anyone except THAT malicious monkey reading this, so you can go proceed with your practice).

I guess the point of survival living is not to make sense of everything but to find the ability to remain complacent without anything making sense.

Yes, that should be it. (Big grin)

Now, I could sleep.

Oh Lord, you really are a joker. Good one. Good one.

P.S. I shouldn’t be a nurse. I’d infect my patients with the JellyBean Brain Syndrome before they could even shout for help.

P.S.S. To any mind doctor with the misfortune to read this, can you give me a diagnosis? Of course, I couldn’t pay you but you might be stupid and kind for all I know.

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15 thoughts on “I Write Again Because I am Mentally Disturbed (or The Biggest, Lamest Joke Ever!)

  1. We are all different,and these days to be normal,well, what is normal. I think in this world if you can not have laughter which they say is the best medicine and if there is no laughter then why did God create it. Well anyways too many people take life too too seriously. I love life and all different people make the world go round. And with the advancement of technology comes people who want to screw things up so they can either make money or they are unhappy and want to make life unhappy for the rest of us. I refuse to be unhappy! Thanks for the post I liked the thought you put into it.


    1. Right question there (what is normal)! I’d be a slave for the person who can give me the answer. And I am next to you there on refusing to be unhappy. Some people think it’s rude to laugh too much, but really, I’d say laugh as long as you have something to laugh about! Some also say laughing too much is a sign of insanity. Oh well. Let them call me crazy, but I’d rather be that than someone who laughs too little or not at all. Thanks for reading my musings again, Beatrix! 😀


  2. I’ve learned something in my endeavours into what is “normal”. People have to wear several masks. Society forces us to present ourselves a certain way to the general public. If we don’t, we’re banished as outcasts. However, every single individual has thoughts and opinions which go against this social construct. The only reason the construct exists is to keep order. So, in conclusion, you should never feel ashamed, crazy, or weird about having certain thoughts because everyone has similar thoughts from the billionaire to the homeless guy on the corner. The real difference in being “normal” is to find the best way to meet all the social norms and excel ahead of others.

    That being said, normal is boring to me…and green cape day is friday. 🙂


    1. Green cape is okaykay, but neon is doomsday.

      Very good point on the society’s role in keeping order. If people loved their craziness more than an illusion of order then the world’s current population would be 487, 683. Fortunately, we beautiful people know how to prioritize. Though it’s quite rare, I still find it difficult to find corporeal people who can relate with my few eccentricities. Maybe it’s just living in a country where the vast 80 percent are true conservatives.

      Or maybe I really am crazy.


  3. ” Is it possible that I have a mental disorder?

    Yes. ”

    It’s called “Free-Will and Independent thought disorder” though a catchier name would be better.

    Religious institutions and Political Groups have been seeking a “cure” for centuries.


      1. Thanks 🙂

        Sometimes wonder if major Media types are actually Born or are they being created in some Lab, designed for a purpose.

        I envision a big high-tech, cloning facility with the FOX News Logo over the front gates.


    1. Makes the two of us – trust google to give you that image when you search for the best hairstyles for men! It’s really no wonder you have the syndrome, anyone who invites Hulk for a fancy dinner has the severe form of that disorder.


  4. I think normal comes from the emotions we have. Lacking those human emotions will make you abnormal. I actually don’t know if I truly think this. It sounds groundbreaking at first then like a tired old story.

    Nobody wants to be that different. Even people with crazy colored hair and lots of tattoos want to be normal. I do not believe them when they say they don’t. They want attention. That’s normal.


    1. You may actually be right. People always forget even the most basic of things, I know I do, and that’s why we always need a reminder of things we already know. And yes, I think weird people are also normal. Attention – seeking, hmm, maybe most but not all. Can’t it be that some people just can’t help to look the way they do?


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