To Anyone Who Cares

What a sappy title.

It’s been only 37 days since I started blogging. You must know how idiotic I must feel when I entered the menacing world of the blogosphere – totally clueless, possessing just the right amount of naiveté (and still am) to think that my ideas are worthy enough to share to the citizens of the cyber world along with the elite circle of individuals who fashion themselves as bloggers. But more than a month has passed and I have not been tempted more than once to drink the rubbing alcohol in the dresser, so this blogging thing might have been a sort of success.

Success or not, in that short span of time I could honestly say that I have enjoyed every single time I spent WordPressing. That’s as true as true can be. Yes, I met rather a very, very few number of beings who repulsively shared the same characteristics as the entities that come from my behind, but well this is the cyber world. I’ve still reserved the inkling that maybe, just maybe, they’re different beings when away from the computer screen. Might be the radiation after all.

Anywho, the highlight of this post is to inform the people mad enough to have read one, two or twelve of my posts that I might be posting more, much more irregularly than the usual.

Yep, a hiatus.

See, I have just finished my degree last 29 March. I know, I know, a slight difference in our educational systems – but that’s rather inconsequential. Thing is, I feel that the 2 months of being the carefree, good-for-nothing sloth that I am is about to end. See, the actually thinking part of my brain tells me that I have to start forcing my nose down 3-inch thick books come 1 June to prepare for the Nursing Licensure Examinations this December.

I know.

*SCREAMS while you take the 5-second breather to deal with that little nuisance up your nose*

I should be delighted since it’s about time I put to use my dulling brain, elsewise it would stagnate to a present but unusable state. Heaven help you if that might occur. The world already has Hollywood a lot of problems as it is.

It’s just a tad less cheerful since it is part of this newly found resolve to cut my internet time. Not to the extent of living the good ‘ol hermit life, no, but merely reducing it to an allowance of a few hours per week. Or two. This means that I won’t really be able to read the posts of the insane people I follow (and other more sensible bloggers) with the usual regularity I used to. Oh, yes, I know they’d miss me (admit it) but not as much as I would miss taunting them. But this must be, for the world beyond summons. And I am but human enough to respond to its calls.

So, yes. That’s all I really wanted to say.

Besides Shagiddy Shagiddy Sha Foo-Foo!

I really don’t know with the sleepwalker in orange, but I would be ecstatic if my stethoscope is nearly as fantastic as hers is!


Oh ye of noblest amongst instruments

Crafted for the grandest of assignments

On this neck you hang with pride

As on to the ER I glide

To only find one utmost myst’ry

When I see no person’s gone awry

So with lightest of hearts I sit

As my phone rang its lovely beats

Once more I’d like your services, if you please

As pseudo-headphones to mine ears


20 thoughts on “To Anyone Who Cares

  1. Love your post as usual you are very interesting especially with that big snake around your neck. I felt the same way when I first started blogging and at times I still do but keep it up I love hearing from you.


  2. I will miss you for sure, there I admit it :).,, congrats on your degree…all the best on your coming exams, I know you will kill it….and how can you manage a snake as big as that? You are one gutsy girl…catch you around soon. Hugs!’m


  3. You’re the greatest. I’m glad you’re back. You truly are a star among the rest of us. Is leaving a comment on this too obnoxious? You love my obnoxiousness anyway. And I love you back.


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