Rudeness and Poop-eating

(WARNING: There are 10 mentions of the word “shit” in this post, including the aforementioned. You have the choice to proceed or not. You are warned.)

First, do not take the title literally if you have any self-respect left at all.

Second, breathe deeply and unlatch the barriers limiting your conscious mind, lean back in that chair, yes, good, just like that, and turn on Stateless – I’m on Fire. This step is vital.

Third, listen to me rant.

(Of course, you DO NOT have to do any of that, heh! 😉 But if you want to know what’s running inside the head of an ignorant half-wit how come you act so rude to people who “don’t know” any better than you or have been the one at the receiving end, well…)

I guess everyone has that superhero ingredient inside them – just in varying amounts. You know, the ingredient that makes you stand up against something for those who can’t. That bit of me has been triggered a lot of times by RUDE PEOPLE (Definition: People who are being rude just for the sake of it). Which leads to this.


By that definition, all rude people are poop-eating misanthropes. Unless they are psychopaths, which only makes them misanthropes. Big difference, you’ll see.


Ever heard of the phrase, “I feel like shit today”? Those are lines of people who feel so down and have little to zero confidence in themselves. They have tremendously low self-esteems at the time. But these people are still 7×12 steps higher from the rude people.

There are people who act/say something rude when they are provoked. And we are NOT talking about them. We’re talking about those who told you to get a fucking life because something you said (and mind you, not even to them) clashed with their set of beliefs, if you can call making a fool of yourself a belief. We’re talking about the people who gave you mocking looks and answered you in a tone that says, “You better be joking if you even have a brain” when you sincerely asked them what does LOL mean, or something like that. We’re talking about those people who made you feel like you don’t deserve to even exist as a urinal for their four-legged friends who sport fur. They, and their sorts, are the people we’ll be talking about. Or I. Whichever fits you.

I would bet, if we are to get even a tiny glimpse of these people’s past or current miserable situation, that we would see an adolescent boy who has been made to run naked across the street by a gang of bullies who can only tell jokes worse than they could spell; a girl who has been told more times than she could care to remember how idiotic she is for even thinking like she does; a boy who can’t even hold a minute-long conversation with his father without hearing a variation of how big of a failure he is – or generally speaking, a past where they have been made to feel like they’re all complete shits.

Sadly for you, this feeling/thought stuck on their minds. But even the this person’s mind is more powerful than the latest supercomputer. And their minds automatically activated its defense mechanisms. They have an INFERIORITY COMPLEX to the magnanimous intensities that any act that would make them feel SUPERIOR is like oxygen to the lungs, food for the stomach, sound to the blind, wings to the bird, wheels to a car, me for your heart (bwahaha!), yes, yes, you get it, and they would do just about anything in their power to get a taste of this false superiority.

And what better way to do this than to make the people around them feel like the E.coli-infested shit that they are, right?

Don’t let them fool you.

Yes, they may have been able to make you feel worthless. But you are only shit. These people are far worse. They feel even lower than you are, chronically making people feel bad, doing this for such a long time only to have that false sense of superiority that doesn’t last. And at that very moment they made you feel like shit, they did because they are still feeling and are so miserably insecure and inferior as they always have been.

You are shit. But they eat your shit.

And you don’t have to stay a shit for a long time either. They may have succeeded in making you feel like shit, but you hold the choice to move on. You are only feeding their delusions of superiority when you answer their taunts, when you play their game. Ignore them. If you can’t, then ignore their effect on you. Fake it if you must – act and decide not to be miserable and you will eventually believe it. After all, the mind controls the feelings. And you must control your mind.

Move on.

And to you, rude people a.k.a poop-eaters, get over it. All of us had our share of misfortunes, abuses, losses, hurts, humiliation – but we don’t dwell on it too much. We have a choice not to. We are not given time and free oxygen to waste it on thinking and weeping over, and over, and over our miserable pasts. It’s done. Don’t fool yourselves thinking it still matters because it doesn’t. Unless some miserable genius has invented a time machine then you can obsess over your past and device ways to change it, but until then – for cheese’s sake, STOP EATING POOP!

Unless you’re a fungus, that is.

This is how a fungus looks like. Do you see any likeness when you look in the mirror? Do you?

(NOTE: I am not a degree holder in Psychology, Psychiatry, Sociology, Anthropology nor Dating 101. I merely used to be a poop-eater, one who moved on (phew!). So you have every imaginable reason not to believe me. And you better not. Because I am a liar. And if you choose not to believe me then you believed a liar. Which makes you what? Right, a FOOL. So now you really don’t have a choice but to believe me. Alright, now I need a drink.)

By the way, you would keep this as our little secret, won’t you? 😉

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37 thoughts on “Rudeness and Poop-eating

  1. Your post really drew the attention in me. I very rarely run into those kind of people anymore. Of course I am pretty much home bound. Sometimes relatives can be that way but I started putting them in their place especially when they are on my turf. I try to convey that message to my daughters especially the one that is dating and working in the real world. Slowly she is understanding but it is taking much guidance of this mother. I thank you for pointing all this out and to be a straight shooter about it. You have a wonderful day.


    1. Aww, your daughter is such a lucky girl. And haha! I have relatives who act that way, too! It’s harder to deal with them since majority of my family is rather fond of passive aggressiveness. But not me. At least not too much. I think I must have been adopted. But my face is a carbon copy of my father’s so I guess such thought is really just absurd.


  2. “You are shit but they eat your shit” that has got to be a classic…put it in the hall of fame somewhere lol…great and clever post. I had a co-worker who was talking to a bunch of us about something that happened in her college… someone had defecated somewhere and smeared it all over, she then turns specifically to me and says ” defecate- you might not know what that means” and tries to explain it…I smiled and walked away…truth be told I never knew what poop was until I had my kids…as kids, my dad always asked us if we wanted to defecate, not poop…but little miss I went to college, wanted to make the African girl feel small…LOL. And now I am off to defecate…I mean poo- poo 🙂


    1. Actually there, I’m thinking of copyrighting that line. But heh, I don’t even believe there’s a single original concept or idea (Ooh I think I’ll have a new post based on that one, haha!). Everyone borrows so people might as well borrow mine.

      And wow, that stupid racist bitch! I probably shouldn’t say this, but oh well, I think the shit was smeared on her OWN locker/bed for being such a bigot (and tries to tell you as though it happened to another person) and she probably deserves it. Now I’m the one stereotyping about bigots. But whatever. When it comes to racism I’m really touchy. One of my Achilles heels that is. I really admire your self-control when you didn’t punch or give that bitch the bitch slap she deserves or at least retorted. You are of a higher sort, Booms, you are. I could never have done that. I even mentioned bitch four times now. And it’s one of my mottos to never swear as long as I can help it (for me, b**** qualifies as a swear word). Ugh, I really need to take meditation classes…no, wait, I think this is just constipation. I need to let this out.


      1. Darn wordpress didnt get this lovely comment notification :)… Been done with the bathroom ever since. And yep, she was a ludacris lil b*tch. Pardon my french…she had this chip on her shoulder because she was a junior in college…except some of us had graduated college and didn’t need to brag about it. You are one cool chick :)… Have a great weekend, and waiting on the new post about no original concept…I know you will do it due justice.


  3. Who hurt you?

    Misery loves company. I think we all kind of hope bad things happen to other people. Maybe not to certain degrees which others hope for it, but wouldn’t you rather hear someone from your high school farted during a big job interview and didn’t get it than they received their dream job and have a happy life? Maybe that’s just me and everyone I know who feels that way. The big difference is going out of your way to make other people’s lives miserable. I say let the forces of nature destroy them. Seems to me that much of what you wrote about here is very “high school.” It’s rare I encounter someone who behaves this way anymore. I think it’s because of the freedom to walk away or punch someone in the face when they feel the need to rain on your day.


    1. That’s why I pity misery – it loves company but rarely gets it. I feel you on wanting my high school’s idiots’ present lives to be a lot worse than mine, but if I take a second look, I see that I really don’t care even if they won the lottery and get a fairly average IQ over the years. I just can’t hold hatred that long, usually a day’s the longest I can hate a person. But that’s USUALLY. I agree on the rarity of the poop-eaters on the people I encounter today though, but just very recently I encountered one here on the blogosphere. If he/she was a person in my physical world, it’d be a much different story. But since he/she’s only brave enough to be rude behind a computer, this is my sweetest, least rude ode to that idiot. It’s a curse I love peace so much. It must have been my past life as a diplomat.


      1. At least tell me what the “theme” of his blog is. It would be great if I actually knew who it was. I’ve never encountered anyone who was nasty and actually had a following. It’s usually yoga fanatics or goths who get pissy on blogs.


      2. Wow, two words on that comment is actually his blog’s name! You’re good, you are. Hey, come to think of it, why don’t we see even a single poetry on your site? I’d love to see what you could do with that one! 😉


      3. Are you serious? I went back a few of your blogs to try to find a mean person. Shows you what a stereotype you have lurking.

        I thought about posting some poetry before. The problem is whenever I’ve written poetry it’s more of a rip off of a current song I have stuck in my head.


      4. Oh pfft, I don’t believe that. Really, you should try posting one one of these days. I’m actually playing it in my head now. My guess is that the playful mockery and the crazy captions would still be present – that’s the “Mooselicker” mark after all.


      5. Oh no they’re actually serious. I lost most of them because I saved them in AOL emails waiting to be sent. They’re better off as songs. Or if you print them out they’d be good for toilet paper.

        Really they’re not bad. They’re also 3-4 years old and I rarely whine about people not liking me through verse form any longer.


      6. Mooselicker = Serious??? I’d dig that one! Believe me, your followers would have a hard time closing their mouths. Haha! It’s like Christmas/April Fools have come early. I know you love us enough to give us that treat…don’t you?


      7. I’d have to plug in my old computer, turn it on, go in under another profile, copy it onto an external drive, copy that onto my other computer, go to a location which provides Internet, then watch as everyone says “Hey that was really good!” That’s the thing about poetry. If you think it sucks you convince yourself you just “didn’t get it.”

        In short, too much work for a reaction I know I’d get. It’s not even so horrible where I could make fun of it. Just the ramblings of a sweet lonely boy.


      8. You mean you don’t already know the reaction you’d get from people every time you post, and only limit that to poetry? Fine, fine, that’s logical. But if I’d stick to my illogicality, I can sense you’re just making excuses so you won’t have to post poetry, which is really a wonder since you said yourself that you know we’d love it. Unless you don’t want our love which makes you the greatest man alive, but only second to Grigory Perelman :p


      9. I don’t know who Grigory Perelman is. I know who Ron Perlman is.

        I’ll probably post it eventually. You know, to show that every bad boy has a soft side. Who knows? Maybe I’ll look back at it and see how lousy it always was.


      10. Who solved one of the greatest math puzzles of all time, offered a sort of nobel (for math) and a million dollars – only to refuse it both. Doesn’t matter if he’s an idiot in personal hygiene. I love him.


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