Pretense and a Big Brown Toad – part 1

Tommy is a big, brown toad who doesn’t have a real purpose in this world except to exist and be a pawn of Destiny’s tentacles for his little game called Life. But Tommy doesn’t know that.

Ridiculously, Tommy the toad thinks like those big, ugly, two-legged creatures. He thinks that he has “real purpose” other than to exist and be chow for the bully of a snake who lives near their habitat, Slater.

“No, if I can think of an idea,” he said, “then I can also think of ideas to achieve that particular idea. Then that will no longer be an idea. It will become a reality!”

A keen observer may have already connected the dots and decided Tommy must in fact be a looney. But again, he doesn’t know that. Psychiatry is a luxury limited to two-legged creatures who have lots of time to screw up their minds or too little time to put it to use. But this is not about those two-legged ingrates who already have everything they could ever need within their reach but still could not be satisfied. No, no. This is a story about a simple, ugly toad and his not too simple idea.

For Tommy has indeed thought of an idea he will turn into a reality. Or try to.

One humid afternoon, after a tasty snack of mosquito a la maggote, Tommy’s light bulb was suddenly activated by an invisible shock wave of inspiration.

“I will be an artist!” he exclaimed.

Ah, Destiny. Cruel even to simple, ugly Tommy.



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