Fib # 2: Little Kid, Little Bread (and other little things)

Don’t we all adore kids?

I know I do. Well I do, before they morph into their real forms – noisy, needy, fidgety monsters. But until then, I have no qualms in showering them with hugs, kisses, and errands. Every kid knows that his goal in life is to run errands until he grows a beard/develops milk reservoirs (for girls, idiot), but until then he has to run errands like a slave or he will end up in hell alone with a clown with lips Angelina Jolie would spend her millions to copy. As generous as I am, I give them a whole lot of errands to fulfill.

What poor judgment.

See, this is what happened:

I told the kid to buy some bread,

Not anything he can’t handle

Just few of those little things

To appease my stomach’s rumble

I expected lots of change

And I did get a lot

A lot of loaves, one dozen loaves,

And change? No there was not.


So I yelled at him

“You stupid shit! That was my last money!”

I didn’t notice those big round eyes

They might have cried, “Mommy!”

Cos angry I was and blind to his fear

I didn’t see it clear

Only later that time I saw

His face was drenched with tears


“What have I done?”

That’s all I can say

Too late I thought it was

For me to take the horrors away

I, too, experienced in the past

I left his skin so dark and blue

That child I barely knew

And all ‘cos there was too many bread

That poor, little child now lies dead.


 Okay, so maybe that’s not what really happened in MY case. You can stop dialing 911, you know? And you can stop giving me those dagger looks, or I might be the one ending up dead.

But stuff like that, and very similar ones, happen to REAL children each day. They are very easy targets for abuse. Especially for those who couldn’t resist showcasing their made up superiority and the need to bully someone. For all I know, you could be a victim (or may God forbid, an abuser) yourself.

This is NOT normal. Just because it is widespread does NOT mean it is normal. Just because some kids gain consciousness already working their fragile bodies off does NOT mean it is normal. It is an abhorrence. Children should be nurtured. Protected. Loved.

And I have been angry with myself because I was not doing anything about it.

Until I realized that even the “little things” count.

Image credits here.


10 thoughts on “Fib # 2: Little Kid, Little Bread (and other little things)

  1. I know. I was photographing the back of a girl sitting on the school lawn doing her homework recently when I picked up Boy from after school. When I looked back at boy, I snapped him too because he had his head on his arm leaning on a ledge of the building. I couldn’t see his face in the shadow. When I looked at the photograph later, I realized that there was a tear on his face just below the lower lash. He didn’t say a word and acted normally. I was torn for a moment. I wondered if I had missed something that day. It was a little thing, but it hurt suddenly when I saw it. We don’t pay attention sometimes. Thanks for this piece. We need to hear this often and well.


    1. Thanks. And yeah. It seems that since kids are so little we have this false belief that they also have little emotions. I really dislike adults treating kids as though they don’t have to be taken seriously. I promised to myself to not forget how it feels like to be a kid who was ignored so I won’t treat kids that way. Thanks for appreciating this! 🙂


  2. I avoid kids all together. I can’t even think of a situation where I’d have to talk to one. I was such a good kid myself that I hold them to pretty high standards. I couldn’t imagine hitting your own kid though. They’ll remember that the rest of their lives and hate you for it always, as they should.


    1. Your comments always make me laugh! 😀 But you’d have to talk to a kid pretty soon if you want to be a father. Yeah, IF. And somehow it’s pretty hard to imagine your claim being a good kid, hmm, what happened over the years?


  3. Child abuse comes in many forms. God created those little ones and he puts the trust in us parents to take care of them. They are made up of all the things us adults are and we are responsible for them and to grow up healthy emotionally as well as physically. Your post is excellent I thank you.


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