Friendship + Insecurity: An Incurably Unrelenting Muddle

I must have been a weird kid. The first time I can remember having someone I can call as more-than-just-another-dirty-kid from school (no, not a FRIEND yet) was in my third school back in first grade.

The first argument I’ve ever had though was in my first school in kindergarten – that was with a small girl with long, thick, unruly hair coupled with big, accusing, Gollum – like eyes who gave a high – pitched declaration that MY yellow book was hers simply because she has a picture of a frog holding a yellow square something (it’s NOT even a book!) plastered on her back pack. The memory was vague, but the fact that I felt like squeezing and shoving her tight inside the lockers and permanently joining those blabbering lips together, was remarkably clear.

But with great misfortune, a teacher stopped that idea from actualization. I don’t remember how she tore us apart, but I did get my yellow book back. Maybe she did what I was thinking herself.

I couldn’t hope for so much though.

The next events in my life were full of mystery. Maybe my body was possessed by another spirit. Or maybe I just happened to experience what they all call growing up. I gained many acquaintances; a number of what I do consider as friends, and my own share of mortal opponents. But what was common in all those relationships though was the ever persistent, stalking shroud of Insecurity – and though not obvious, it did seem to emanate from all of us.

It has the notorious potential to prevent acquaintances from ever becoming friends, turn mortal opponents into lifetime rivals, and end rather “Timon and Pumba”-esque friendships.

It was a phenomenon not limited to the walls of kindergarten and grade school classrooms, since much heavier bouts of insecurity flooded one from high school to college.

Is it really such an imperishable human trait?


But worry not, incorrigibly insecure creatures! The cure for such a cataclysm is now available for all – “The Growing Up Capsule”!

It has such indisputable effects that you cannot find one single critic in the international pharmaceutical market. Although, one must sadly say it is a rarity that exceeds the likes of Ali Baba’s cave of gold, the city of El Dorado, or a video of Lady Gaga singing in front of the pope. “The Growing Up capsule” is that rare that even normal, successful 40-year old “man” beings have still failed to uncover its whereabouts.

But yeah, still, all is well. ;p


6 thoughts on “Friendship + Insecurity: An Incurably Unrelenting Muddle

  1. Melancholia(Kirsten Dunst), expresses your slant (‘Grow up pill’) in a round about way. Internal freedom and external bondage are reconciled only through an apocalypse, the supreme Memento Mori, check it out, it’s trippy!


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