The Irrefutable Oneness of Rhythm, Music, and Nature

So here’s my theory! Hahaha XD (Read: Michael Jackson, Death Dance, and a Delightfully Awesome Researcher)

A voice coach once said to me that singing the right notes is 10% voice and 90% ear – and I couldn’t help but agree. Even if you have the most beautiful voice quality in the world, if you can’t listen, identify, and hit the right notes, you wouldn’t have much of a singing career (OKAY, so maybe that’s not 100% true, judging on the singing superstars we have in the industry these days, but yeah, moving on).

Hitting the right notes + appealing voice quality are not the only ingredients into becoming a good singer. You also have to have that Rhythm.

Like many of the beautiful things in the world, such as Audrey Hepburn and a mug of hot coffee, rhythm is subjective. True, every aspiring musician must have it, but rhythm, like beauty, is different for each individual. Yiruma’s rhythm is in a very much different scale than that of Justin Bieber’s. That’s why we have the different genres. AND that’s why there really is no point in comparing one musician against the other. Taste is a person’s own business.

But even though rhythm differs from one musician to the next, each of them can’t call himself a musician unless they have it. I believe that anyone can call himself a musician if he can create music – and that does not include certain people (Read: DJ) “switching buttons and playing other people’s patented sh*t” (thanks, Leo! –check out his music here–). And yet, music, like rhythm, is subjective. Screaming Belting artists’ music might be considered eardrum killers for someone inclined to listen to the sedative form of music.

It’s only right then that the point of music is not to create something which appeals to everyone’s taste, but to create something another soul could identify with and make him feel he belongs to something, to anything…to nature, be it his own or the world’s.

Being a lover of music inSOME of its forms (I admit I can’t tolerate much of Metallica’s raucousness. Sorry, fans), it is inevitable to think and ponder where it all began. Personally, I feel good when I lose myself into the depths of the intangible world, as I am NEARLY doing now, but I’ll try to fight it and finish this…yes…

So where did it all began? Music, like communication and the earliest attempts of it, started with Man. When Man is, Music also is (if that EVEN makes sense!).

I can imagine Man gaining consciousness of what he is, of where he is, and found himself listening to the sound of the leaves brushing against each other, of the wind making melodious gushing with everything it meets, of the tree creatures making their hoots in the night, and the calming effect of a brook’s glide with the rocks in its path.

Oh yes! I can imagine how intoxicated Man must have been with his first taste of music.

It is something that cannot be taught; rather, it’s something that happens. Like feelings and the birth of a star, pollination, and male erection.

So are we right to say that Music started with Man’s communion with the world around him? With Nature?

Partly. Because there’s still another form of music that started a bit earlier – Man’s awakening to the music within. The Inner Nature. The one you hear on a night when you’re all alone, with the world against you in a 1000 to 1 odds, and the future looking darker than any black hole ever discovered.

I totally lost myself there.

Have you ever felt the same way?

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5 thoughts on “The Irrefutable Oneness of Rhythm, Music, and Nature

  1. Your so brilliant. If only other people would share this, they could become better educated as to what music truly is and where it comes from. I think people have forgotten that music is more than just “a happy go lucky lets go dry hump at a club” thing, music is/was about feeling and expression and talent. You’ve nailed it right on bullseye when you say that there is music for everyone but labels have turned that on its head by saying that there is ONE music for everyone. Who are they GOD? lol I love this. Gonna mention you this week on my blog;)


  2. Gee that’s sweet Leo, thanks! Although I must say that I don’t think even God would want all of humanity to listen to only one music (e.g. Lady Gaga). That would just kill us all. *LG playing on the radio, me drops dead on the floor*


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