Michael Jackson, Death Dance, and a Delightfully Awesome Researcher

I read something about what someone somewhere said about Michael Jackson and rhythm. MJ “supposedly” once said that blacks stand out from other singers simply because they have that earth rhythm – that unmistakable beat they possess which is passed on from one black to another, thanks to Genetics and constant jam sessions.

That someone has this theory that since the black people’s forefathers lived/wandered in the desert paradise we now know as Africa, they have expressed their oneness, their gratitude, towards nature (which was all they have ever known before they were forced to slavery back when they were still untouched by the exceptionally ugly white foreigners) through songs and dances in almost every aspect of their lives.

They have songs and dances for hunting, gathering goose eggs, a honey song, cooking song, marriage song, chasing bees dance, Death dance – and I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a writing song, although I have my doubts on the necessity of writing back in those days.

Now this way of living, which started from possibly the very first black nomad, was passed on to each of every tribe’s offspring – and so is the rhythm with which they lead their lives. Thus, The Rhythm‘s existence was secured to last for eons.

With this ultra mega useful background knowledge (I know, I know, I’m a great researcher! Pfft..) at hand, I can’t help but form yet another theory of my own farce. I call this “The Oneness of Rhythm, Music, and Nature“.

—to be continued. :p

*Image courtesy of Google search


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