A Rant About Prejudice And Stereotyping Filipino Women

We find ourselves more comfortable when we’re alone but deep inside we yearn for someone out there, just a single stranger to understand.

Do you find yourself in a situation where you just want to avoid all the people you know and have an honest talk with just about anything you could ever think of with a total stranger? I do. Lots of times.

What’s so enviable about it is that you can talk with someone who doesn’t have previous knowledge about you that he can use as tools for prejudice. It so often happens that we can’t help but hope for an outsider’s opinion once in a while. Your future is often predicted by the way you have screwed up in the past that there’s no point at all in saying what you have to say. And it just isn’t right nor is it fair. But it seems that trusting that people could turn out to be much better than how they have been is a lost skill.


It is very tempting to write in all caps now. Really it is.

Breathe… breathe…

It’s just so infuriating how some dumb, horny males NOT of the Filipino race could stereotype all Filipinas as cheap, horny women who constantly look for dying, foreign, and rich male to juice up for all their dollars.

I MEAN, COME ON REVOLTINGLY SMELLY AND UN – LAYable HORNY MEN!!! Do I even have to explain myself here?!

Image Courtesy of Google


7 thoughts on “A Rant About Prejudice And Stereotyping Filipino Women

  1. Your posts intrigue me and make a lot of sense of things, kind of like the angry video game nerd but of Filipino women lol. I love it, I have to admit that picture of the little girl was fucking hilarious. 😛


  2. I am not quite sure I get what you mean with *the angry video game nerd but of Filipino women*…but yeah, I was fuming when I wrote this because of some comments made by dirty old men in a site I’d rather not mention. Thanks, and yeah, the picture exactly gets my point across! Haha 😀


  3. I think this is a stereotype applied to many Asian nationalities. I think it’s a very small minority who give us Asians that type of reputation thus the infuriating stereotype… I think we’ve just got to keep our heads up high and say fuck all to the assholes that continue to stereotype Asian women like so. 🙂



    1. Hullo Atlas!

      Just an hour ago I was sitting beside a girl who was chatting with her friend about her American chat mate and how she plans to get him to come over and probably milk the shit out of him. I was very, very tempted to give her a piece of my mind but, well, they say this is a “free” country.

      True, they still are a minority, albeit a minority growing in numbers with the unstoppable technological advancements.

      But you are right, I will continue to give all varieties of “go fuck your own asses off” to any horny dicks who’ll continue to give me their half-baked, ignoramus-esque, racist dialogues.

      Jenny 😉


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