I’ve been having the blues the past few days. Luckily, I know exactly why and how it was triggered. Last week, a person who seemed to have good intentions reached out to me. He belonged to that category of people I’d like to call as the Good Intentions Folks–these people could be your family, friends, or relatives, no matter how distant.  At least, I’d like to believe these people actually care for me and could only have good intentions. Otherwise, what kind of life would I be living if I can’t even make myself try to believe that? So this … Continue reading Questions

Yes, the Trump Presidency is Depressing. But the Last Thing We Should Do is Hide

In the past week, scrolling through my social media feed had been a torture. I still find it hard to believe that Trump–the epitome of everything despicable about the human society–is the current president of the United States of America. It is so tempting to just hide and resign to the thought that there’s really nothing to be done about it now. Seeing news regarding his latest assaults to human decency takes its toll. It is demoralizing. It is exhausting. But just accepting or ignoring the blunders of this atrocious person is not a choice. It should never be. There … Continue reading Yes, the Trump Presidency is Depressing. But the Last Thing We Should Do is Hide

I Hate Being in America Right Now

Because obviously, “President” Trump. I am not an American citizen, so I had no power whatsoever in helping to influence the outcome of the US elections. Still, I feel like throwing a fit and acting “immature” because I did not get the result I wanted–NOT Trump. I feel upset. Hopeless. Anxious. At a loss as to how thinking people could actually elect such a racist, misogynistic, equality-hating human being to lead them. It makes me think that the world is going backwards instead of forward. That I am actually living with people who are still afraid and hateful of people … Continue reading I Hate Being in America Right Now