I Hate Being in America Right Now

Because obviously, “President” Trump. I am not an American citizen, so I had no power whatsoever in helping to influence the outcome of the US elections. Still, I feel like throwing a fit and acting “immature” because I did not get the result I wanted–NOT Trump. I feel upset. Hopeless. Anxious. At a loss as to how thinking people could actually elect such a racist, misogynistic, equality-hating human being to lead them. It makes me think that the world is going backwards instead of forward. That I am actually living with people who are still afraid and hateful of people … Continue reading I Hate Being in America Right Now

Prodigal Blogger

I am sick of Facebook. But I cannot really deactivate despite wanting to for so long because that’s mainly how I get poop updates from my beloved. So I’ll keep it for now–but only for the messages! (And stalking capacities…) Short story shorter, this blog is probably gonna get more brain droppings from moi. Oh I love hiding from people. :3 Hello, HiNaD. I missed you. Continue reading Prodigal Blogger

Insecurity and Murder

No, I am not plotting someone’s murder. Well, not yet.  Today though one of my kin has been murdered. By nobody else but her own husband.  Once there was a woman who fell in love and married a man her family didn’t like. She came from a big family of nine children. Despite all the advices she received–solicited or not–she married the man. Fast forward: the man became addicted to drugs and eventually became a deposed soldier because of “behavioral problems”. Fast forward even more: the woman finished her Masters degree and got promoted as principal in the high school … Continue reading Insecurity and Murder